Test Product (10mm Poly)

Test Product (10mm Poly)
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10mm Polycarbonate Sheets Any size up to 2.1m x 6m (width x length) Cut to size, so no... more
Product information "Test Product (10mm Poly)"

10mm Polycarbonate Sheets

Any size up to 2.1m x 6m (width x length)

Cut to size, so no wastage, lower cost, and less work!

With up to 200 times impact strength of glass, polycarbonate sheets, offer are a safe, long-lasting roofing choice and a great option for conservatory roofs, canopies, atriums, industrial roof lighting and many more applications.

These 10mm sheets are good insulators that reduce condensation and can diffuse light. This multi-wall polycarbonate wont let you down when consideration energy conservation too - it can be more energy efficient and up to 50% cheaper than glass of a comparable thickness!

Features & Benefits

  • UV Resistance - minimises long-term yellowing
  • High resistance to impact - resistance to breakage
  • Super thermal efficiency - triplewall and fivewall
  • Robust yet lightweight - fraction of glass weight
  • Fire safety - Class 1 Spread of Flame Protection
  • 10 year warranty - light transmission is guaranteed

IMPORTANT: Polycarbonate is cut from oversized sheets to the sizes that you choose when ordering and is therefore considered a bespoke tailor-made good, which falls outside the Consumer Contracts Regulations. Please consider the options carefully before purchasing as returns are not accepted. Feel free to contact us if you need any advice.

Choosing Polycarbonate

When choosing polycarbonate sheets, you should consider the direction that the roof sheets will face, as the tints provide varying degrees of Solar Control, Thermal Efficiency and Translucency.

  • NORTH FACINGDoesn't receive much direct sunlight. So, consider maximising use of available light with a Clear tint
  • SOUTH FACINGLong periods of direct sunlight. Could become unbearably hot during summer, so Heatguard should be considered
  • EAST FACINGUtilise the morning sun with Clear or Opal tints to build-up heat for the rest of the day
  • WEST FACINGHeat can build-up due to the afternoon sun, so Opal or Bronze tints may be preferable

Beyond simply appearance, there are other considerations when choosing the best polycarbonate for your application. The Colour Tint, Thickness and Sheet Size are key factors explained below.

Colour Tint

ClearMaximises daylightClear Polycarbonate Sheet - Triplewall
High level of light transmission provides greater heat build up. A conservatory would be bright and light - even on the darkest winter days. A good choice for colder spots and ideal for industrial and commercial greenhouses.
OpalSoft diffused lightOpal Polycarbonate Sheet - Triplewall
Allows light into a conservatory or building to keep it bright but reduces solar gain concentrating on one area. So, eliminates uncomfortable hot-spots. Provides privacy and creates softer light quality.
BronzeKeeps things coolBronze Polycarbonate Sheet
Lower levels of light transmission and shading co-efficiency makes Bronze effective at limiting the amount of light and minimising glare. Also reduces heat build up, so it's popular for sunnier spots as it can help keep room cool.

Sheet Thickness

If replacing individual sheets then you may wish to purchase the same thickness as the others. Alternatively, when whole roofs are being replaced, it may be an opportunity to upgrade to thicker sheeting for greater thermal efficiency and sound-proofing. But be sure that the increased thickness is compatible with your roofing system.

Sheet Size

Within this listing you can buy sheets at common widths* and lengths. However, we also offer a free cut-to-size service, which eliminates wastage, meaning you only pay for what you use, and saves you time on site. Please note that due to the thermal expansion of fitted sheets, a little space should be available on the ridge and glazing bar sides.

* Remember that sheets should be fitted with the flute (chambers) running down the length, and that is

Technical Information

Weight (Kg/m2) 1.5
U-value (W/m2K) 3
Sound Reduction (dB) 20
Light Transmission 81% 74% 62%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.80
Min. Cold Bending Radius (mm) 1750
Fire Performance (BS476: Part 7) 1Y

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