Composite Cladding Starter Bar

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  • CL001BK
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Coastline CL001BK Cladding Starter Bar (5m length) Easier and neater fitting of... more
Product information "Composite Cladding Starter Bar"
Coastline CL001BK Starter Bar for Composite Cladding Board

Coastline CL001BK Cladding Starter Bar

(5m length)

Easier and neater fitting of starter plank!

Ventilated 5m long aluminium rail that fits to underside of vertical timber batten for supporting the bottom cladding board.

Coastline is an attractive and lightweight composite cladding, which enhances the appearance of any property, whilst adding years of guaranteed weatherproof performance. Its revolutionary composite formulation means that it has minimal thermal expansion and contraction, so does not require an additional membrane and its specially developed aluminium trims, provides superior fixing with greatly reduced installation time. In a nutshell, Coastline composite cladding looks better, lasts longer and is easier to fit.

Features & Benefits

  • Extruded rail for secure fitting of starter plank
  • Attractive colour options with outstanding fade resistance
  • Minimal expansion/contraction
  • Lightweight material that’s easy to handle
  • Aluminium trims simplify and speed up installation
  • 100% recyclable sustainably sourced composite
  • 10 years guarantee against warping, cracking and discolouration
  • BBA certified and fire tested to BS EN 13501-1

Did you know? Coastline is kind to you and the environment - all materials used in the manufacture of Coastline are 100% recyclable and as it is made from such a durable, long lasting composite, it never needs painting or treating with preservatives.

The Coastline Product Range

Coastline Composite Cladding Product Range

  1. Cladding Board (CL200)
  2. Starter Bar (CL001)
  3. Head Trim (CL002)
  4. End Closer (CL004)
  5. Internal Corner Trim (CL006)
  6. Internal Corner End Cap (CL026)
  7. External Corner Trim (CL005)
  8. External Corner End Cap (CL025)
  9. Butt Joint (CL007)
  10. Window Head Trim (CL003)
  11. Window Head Trim End Cap (CL023)
  12. Window Reveal Trim (CL009)
  13. Window Reveal Corner Trim (CL008)

Coastline is BBA certified and has undergone hundreds of hours of rigorous testing, including fire performance testing. Coastline has achieved numerous quality and safety standards, including BS EN 13501.

Technical Information

Product Specification

Size (l x w x t) 5m (16ft 5in) x 38mm x 33mm
Material 1.5mm aluminium extrusion
Guarantee 10 Year manufacturer guarantee against, warping, cracking and dicolouration.

Technical Accreditation

BBA Certification

  • BBA T1/05 Voids appearance and dimensional checks
  • BBA T1/04 Density
  • BBA T1/07 Fixings pull through strength
  • BBA T1/06 Hard body impact

British Standard Certification

  • BS EN 13245-2:2008 PVC-UE profile for internal and external wall and ceiling finishes
  • ISO 2796 Dimensional stability
  • BS EN ISO 178 Flexural strength
  • BS EN ISO 3451-1 Ash content
  • BS EN ISO 180 Izod impact strength
  • BS EN ISO 2409 Cross cut test
  • BS EN 12608, clause 5.8.3 Colourfastness (resistance to UV ageing) - all primary colours for cladding boards and powder coated aluminium joints
  • BS EN 13245-2, Annex B and Annex C - Resistance to Impact after UV ageing

Fire Performance

  • Conforms to BS EN 13501-1 Fire Classification for Construction Products
  • BS EN 13245-2:2002 SBI Reaction to Fire - Single Burning Item – D-S3,d2
  • BS EN 11925-2:2010 Reaction to Fire - Single Flame Source

Fitting and Usage

Installation & Usage of Coastline Shiplap Cladding

The following instructions are intended to provide an overview only; we always recommend that you refer to detailed fitting instructions.

Coastline composite cladding boards and their ancillary aluminium trims are design to simplify the installation process. These should be fixed to 38mm x 25mm timber wall battens, with a maximum vertical spacing of 500mm. Window reveals should be completed using Window Reveal Trim (CL009), Window Reveal Corrner Trim (CL008), Window Head Trim (CL003) and ripped down cladding board.

Once the window reveals are complete the Starter Bar (CL001) can be fixed to the underside of the walls vertical battens. External Corner Trim (CL005), Internal Corner Trim (CL006), Head Trim (CL002), Butt Joint (CL007) and End Closer (CL004) can each then be fitted.

All trims must be fitted before cladding board, to allow correct fixing of the trims.

Aluminium trims should be fixed to battens using 25mm stainless steel screws and will need to be notched out over the Starter Bar.

Capping board should be fixed using 25mm stainless steel nails, or 25mm stainless steel screws around the reveal.

Note: Coastline composite cladding is designed for use on buildings with a maximum of three storeys and at least 1m from boundaries. As with all building products, failure to install Coastline in accordance with manufacturers instructions will invalidate the product guarantee.

Colour: Black
Style: Coastline (Composite/Aluminium)
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