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Composite Decking Hidden Fixings (Choice of clip type available) Secures boards without... more
Product information "Decking Fixings"

Composite Decking Hidden Fixings

(Choice of clip type available)

Secures boards without being seen!

Secures composite hollow decking to joists quickly and discreetly, with no unsightly and weathering prone screws on the face of the boards.

Fixings include the stainless steel Starter Clip, for securing the first deck board, and the plastic Hidden T-Clip, which is used to fix side-by-side boards. Both clip types should be fitted to every joist and come supplied with screw.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves deck appearance - fixings are unseen
  • Longer lasting fixing - won’t rust and become weak
  • Long-life material - durable plastic and stainless steel
  • More serviceable - boards unmarked and easily moved
  • Complete fixing - clips supplied with fixing screws

Part of our Composite Hollow Decking range, which is made using homogenous wood polymer, so more durable than timber, with high resistance to damage. Constructed from ethically sourced, traceable recycled wood from timber mills and recycled plastic polymer.

How many boards and clips do you need?

Based on a sub-frame with maximum joist centres of 350mm, the following can be used as a guide.

  • 2 x Hollow Boards per sq mtrs.
  • 12 x T-Clips per board to secure to joists.
  • 12 x Starter Clips per starter and end board to secure outside edge to frame.

Working out quantities

Multiply length and width of area to be decked to get the square meterage, then divide by 2 to get the number of boards needed.

Example Deck Area (5.5m length x 3m width)
Area is 16.5 m2 (5.5 x 3) and Boards Per Run is 1.5 (5.5 ÷ 3.66 (Board Length)).
Boards = 33  -  Area x Boards Per m2 (16.5 x 2)
T-Clips = 377  -  Boards - Boards Per Run) x T-Clips Per Board (33 - 1.5 x 12)
Starter Clips = 37  -  (Boards Per Run x Starter Clips Per Board) x 2 ((1.5 x 12) x 2)

Parts Calculator

Use this form to help estimate the quantity of boards and clips required.*


*Measurements should be taken in Metres, and the longest dimension used for Length. Repeat the above calculations for multiple areas, if the deck area is not a standard rectangle.

Technical Information

 Starter ClipHidden T-Clip
Material Stainless steel clip and screw Plastic clip and painted stainless steel screw
Usage Secures first Hollow Board plank and Step/Edge Nosing Secures Hollow Boards at joists

Starter Clips: Each starter board and end board requires 12 x Starter Clips, one clip per joist, if using the maximum 350mm centres.
T-Clips: First run starter boards do not need T-Clips, but all other boards require 12 x T-Clips, one per joist if using the maximum 350mm centres.

Fitting and Usage

Fitting the Starter Clip

The stainless steel Starter Clip is used where the deck meets a house wall, to ensure that the wall edge of the board is secure, without fixing through the face. Just screw a clip 10mm away from the wall, in line with every joist. Then slide the first board to the clip, causing the return of the Starter Clip to locate into the groove that runs along the edge of the board. The Starter Clip can also be used to secure the last hollow decking board, or solid Step/Edge Nosing, to the perimeter of a deck.

Fitting the Hidden T-Clips

These tough plastic T-shaped clips are designed to fit between decking boards, with the T locating into the groove along the edge of the boards. Once the first board is laid into Starter Clips, position and loosely screw a T-Clip to each joist along the opposite edge, then fit the next board before tightening.

The following describes key installation points. Be sure to refer to the comprehensive installation guide when ordering, and when fitting.

Subframe and Joists

  • Can be fitted to timber, aluminium or composite subframe
  • Slope subframe at 10mm per metre towards drainage, to discourage free-standing water
  • Use maximum joist centres of 350mm, or 25mm if installing boards diagonally
  • Double the joists where board ends meet
  • Allow 150mm air-gap below the deck

Laying Decking Boards

  • Provide expansion gaps to allow proper drainage and ventilation
  • Gap between wall and first decking board should be 10mm
  • Side-to-side and end-to-end gaps should be 3-7mm
  • Side-to-object and end-to-object gaps should be at least 5mm
  • Starter Clips should be used to secure sides of board at edge of subframe on every joist Hidden T-Clips are loosely screwed every joist along the board and tightened when next board is inserted
  • Deck edges can be finished using Hollow Deck Boards with Edge Trim, or the Step/Edge Nosing


  • Do not clean with chemical products, a garden hose is usually sufficient
  • If pressure washing, use 80 bar max, 40°C max and head at least 30cm from surface
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