4.8mm Baypole Screws (50 Pack)

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Baypole Self-Drilling UPVC Frame Screws (50 pack) ( Available in: 4.8mm x 50, 60, 70,... more
Product information "4.8mm Baypole Screws (50 Pack)"

Baypole Self-Drilling UPVC Frame Screws (50 pack)

( Available in: 4.8mm x 50, 60, 70, 80 & 100mm )

Get a screw designed for the job!

High quality self-drilling, fully threaded 4.8mm Bay Pole screws, designed to join uPVC window & conservatory frames together or to a bay window pole or any other connection of window frame to frame, creating strong new fixings. The self drilling point tip, screws save time and hassle doing 2 jobs in one! They are ideal for joining uPVC windows, bays and frames when no hole exists and are recommended by manufacturers.

Eliminates the need to drill a pilot hole or pre-drill to create a thread and can even be used on steel reinforced frames!

The Phillips Wafer head incorporates a washer and low profiled dome head. The washer like head spreads the load and can not be pulled into the profile and crease it - unlike traditional countersunk screws. This not only provides a neater appearance - it also stops water potentially pooling and causing corrosion.

Features & Benefits

  • Low Profile Head - minimises the amount of screw projecting from the frame
  • Bright Zinc Plated Steel - offers resistance to corrosion
  • Self Drilling Point Tip - no pre-drilling or pilot hole required
  • Saves Time - no need to swap drill bits or drill pilot holes
  • Pozi 1 drive type head - offers improved grip
  • Self-Tapping Thread - cuts a thread as it's driven in so reuse doesn't weaken hole
  • Phillips Wafer Head - combined washer and shallow rounded dome head
  • Eliminates uPVC Creasing - the head prevents creasing the profile unlike countersunk screws

Technical Information

Specification Summary

Length 50, 60, 70, 80 & 100mm
Diameter 4.8mm
Material Bright Zinc Plated Steel
Head Diameter 11mm
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