7.5mm Masonry Concrete Screws (100 Pack)

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7.5mm Masonry Frame Fixings (100 Pack) Choice of length from 50mm to 100mm Requires no... more
Product information "7.5mm Masonry Concrete Screws (100 Pack)"

7.5mm Masonry Frame Fixings (100 Pack)

Choice of length from 50mm to 100mm

Requires no anchor or plug!

High quality, fully threaded concrete anchor screw that cuts its own thread directly into pre-drilled pilot holes. An excellent way to fasten any material to masonry.

Utilises a Torx T-30 drive bit, which is included in each box, along with white plastic screw cover caps to provide an attractive finish.

Really easy to use... just drill a pilot hole of 6mm and use the supplied Torx T - 30 bit to drive the screw into concrete, natural stone, solid or perforated bricks, hollow blocks etc. The screw thread is serrated to help the screw whilst cutting its own thread. These screws can be reversed and reused in the same hole - as it has cut the thread.

Suitable for fixing upvc or timber window, door or conservatory frames, timber beams, battens, wooden laths, gates to concrete or brick posts, facades, metal profiles and much more. Whether you're securing a set of shelves to a brick or concrete wall, installing a new light fixture in the brick facade on the front of your house or hanging tool storage in your garage, these clever screws will come in handy.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates need for plug or anchor - cuts its own thread - self drills into 6mm pilot hole
  • No expansion force - unlike plugs or anchors - you can place nearer the edge without risk of fracturing
  • New easy fix - easier and quicker than traditional plugged fixings
  • Reversed and reused - The screw can be uncrewed and reuse the same hole it cut
  • Utilises Torx T-30 head - star shaped Torx T-30 drive bit included for maximum grip whilst driving
  • White Screw Cover Caps - included in the box are white plastic screw cover caps
  • Suitable for a variety of substrates - concrete, solid, perforated or hollow bricks, natural stone etc
  • Easy Screw - serrations on the thread aid thread cutting and insertion

Technical Information

Specification Summary:

Length 50mm 75mm 100mm 120mm 140mm 180mm
Head diameter 11mm
Pilot hole diameter 6mm
Head type Countersunk Torx T-30 (T30)
Thread type Serrated, coarse and fully threaded
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