Bond-It HT30 Heat Resistant Silicone

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Heat Resistant Silicone High Temperature Sealant Red or Black, 310ml... more
Product information "Bond-It HT30 Heat Resistant Silicone"
Heat Resistant Silicone

Heat Resistant Silicone

High Temperature Sealant

Red or Black, 310ml

Temperature resistance up to 300°C

UV resistant and waterproof silicone sealant that has been designed for high temperature use. Once cured HT30 will resist temperatures of 250°C permanently and up to 300°C for short periods.

HT30 is a ready to use, one component, acetic curing silicone sealant that does not loose it's sealing properties under extreme conditions. So it's suited to sealing joints that are exposed to high temperatures. Typical uses include: industrial ovens, domestic appliances, heating systems, high temperature machinery and car engine compartments.

HT30 offers primer less adhesion to Enamel and Ceramic tiles, Glass, Epoxy paint and Polyester as well as a range of other common materials. With a primer HT30 can be used on even more surfaces, like Polyamides, ABS and Metals.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-slumping - easier application
  • Use in high temperature areas - resistance up to 300°C
  • Mildew resistant - reduces unsightly growth and discolouration
  • UV resistant and weatherproof - effective under sunlight and exposed to water
  • High resistance to chemicals - unaffected by cleaning products
  • Bonds and seals - many applications

Technical Information

Curing System Acetic curing
Specific Gravity 1.03-1.07
Shore-A-Hardness Approximately 17 +/-3
Skinning Time 15 mins
Curing Time 3mm per day
Elongation at break Approx 600%
Permanent Temperature Resistance Approx 250°C
Short Term Temperature Resistance Approx 300°C
Application Temperature 5-40°C
Storage Temperature 5-25°C
Flammability Non Flammable


Not suitable for use with aquarium building or within 1 metre of wood burning stove flues. HT30 can cause stains around joints on marble, sandstone and other extremely absorbent substrates if they are not treated carefully with a primer. During the curing process small quantities of acted acid are released which could attack certain kinds of metal and alkaline substrates. HT30 cannot be over painted, therefore substrates to be painted must be kept free of sealant.

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