Thorex 11-712 Mallet Glazing Hammer

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  • THO-1951-1008
  • 11-712 / 76-712NF
  • Packet
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Thorex 11-712 Nylon Hammer from Thor (Wide choice of face materials) Ideal for glazing... more
Product information "Thorex 11-712 Mallet Glazing Hammer"

Thorex 11-712 Nylon Hammer from Thor

(Wide choice of face materials)

Ideal for glazing uPVC frame and more!

Versatile nylon shaft hammer with chrome-plated zinc head and a choice of easily interchangeable faces. Faces can be changed quickly and easily if worn, or when an alternative face material is needed for a different application.

The hammers 38mm threaded faces mean the Thorex 11-712 Nylon Hammer is an invaluable multi-purpose striking tool for most assembly applications, including engineering, furniture, shopfitting, partitioning, double glazing and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Faces can be easily replaced by hand when worn
  • One piece face with no pegs to damage when worn
  • Head design means faces don’t loosen during use
  • Faces designed for strength and fracture resistance
  • Strong nylon handle with comfortable rubber grip

Choosing the Right Faces

Faces are available in different hardness, which are distinguishable by colour.

Colour (Code)HardnessMaterialApplication
Yellow (76-712AF) Extra Hard Nylon For specialist applications only (eg, setting copper armatures).
White (76-712NF) Hard Nylon General purpose face for light and heavy assembly work.
Red (76-712PF) Medium Hard Plastic More suited for light hammering applications and the assembly of precision parts.
Grey (76-712VF) Soft PVC For light assembly work. Ideal for flat pack furniture assembly and woodworking. Will not mark surfaces.
Brown (76-712TF) Tough Polyurethane Tough and abrasive resistant. Ideal for striking sharp surfaces including cutting forms, steel rule die assembly.

Did you know? The serrated ends on the head of this hammer means faces don't loosen during use and flared shoulder on the faces provide extra strength and prevent fracture from misdirected blows.

We offer this hammer with a choice of faces. You can purchase this hammer with 2 x faces of the same colour (white, brown, yellow, grey or red), a combination of two colours (white with grey, or red with yellow) and a variety bundle (2 x white faces and one of each other colour) .

Technical Information

Length 300mm
Head Length 118mm
Face diameter 38mm (1.1/2")
Weight 650g
Handle Material Nylon with rubber grip
Head Material Chrome-Plated Zinc
Face Material Polyurethane (Brown), Nylon (White and Yellow), PVC (Grey), Plastic (Red)
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