Mock Tudor Board Touch-up Paint

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Touch-up Paint for Mock Tudor Board (Black, Brown, Rosewood or Golden Oak) Adds an... more
Product information "Mock Tudor Board Touch-up Paint"

Touch-up Paint for Mock Tudor Board

(Black, Brown, Rosewood or Golden Oak)

Adds an authentic finishing touch!

50ml tub (with brush) of black touch-up paint for long-lasting UV protection of any exposed cuts in the Tudor board.

Features & Benefits

  • Colour protection - protects cut edges against discolouration
  • Easy to use - simply paint on with brush attached to top
  • Colour choice - a colour to match your board

COMPATIBILITY These pegs are designed specifically for use with our mock Tudor boards and are countersunk into the boards to look authentic and hide screw fixing.

Why our mock tudor boards?

Made from polyurethane, which resists harsh environments far better than standard plastics and the colour pigment is chemically bonded to the core for a deeper longer lasting colour.

Fitting Replica Tudor Board - Just Like Wood But Better

GREAT NEWS! Our tudor boards are now available in the popular Anthracite Grey. Contact us if interested and note 10% additional charge, plus 1 week extra lead time.

Technical Information

Volume 50ml

Fitting our Replica Wood Mock Tudor Boards

These tudor boards can be fitted quickly and being made of lightweight material, they are easier to handle too.

  • Countersink fixing holes using 16mm flat wood bit until the point starts to appear on the back. Our Peg Template can be used for accurate and consistent positioning of fixings.
  • Apply quick grab adhesive evenly to back of plank and accurately on wall.
  • Drill through centre of countersunk hole using a 6mm masonry bit, to a depth of 100mm.
  • Screw with masonry anchor to pull plank secure to wall and repeat with remaining countersinks.
  • Glue mock pegs into countersunk holes using an adhesive or silicone.
  • Seal all edges using a good quality clear silicone to finish edges and prevent moisture penetration.
  • Touch-up paint can be used on exposed cuts to prevent UV degradation.

As a general rule, two screws should be used at the ends of these 150mm (6") planks and where another abuts. One central fixing can be used in the middle of adjoining planks.

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