Side-Fix End Cap Replacement Kit

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  • TRU-2132-1001
  • TRU-2132-1001
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Side-Fix End Cap Replacement Kit (White, Brown or Caramel) Simple to fit permanent... more
Product information "Side-Fix End Cap Replacement Kit"

Side-Fix End Cap Replacement Kit

(White, Brown or Caramel)

Simple to fit permanent solution!

Strong two-part aluminium plates and decorative end cap, fixing lug and screws. Plates slot together to form a T-section that can be side screwed onto glazing bar through pre-drilled pilot holes to prevent panels slipping. Tough plastic end cap and the be slide over log on bar end.

Exploded diagram of Side-Fix End Cap Replacement Kit

The continual expansion and contraction of conservatory roof glass and polycarbonate sheets, with the weakening of top capping compression over time, can result in roof panels slipping. When this happens it creates an opening at the ridge, which results in draughts, heat loss and water ingress. The plates in this kit prevent that from happening, and the end caps close the end a provide a decorative finish.

Features & Benefits

  • Stops common leaks - no more slipped roof sheets
  • Quick and easy fit - simply screws to side of bar
  • Long-lasting - tough aluminium with durable uPVC
  • Adaptable fitting - choice of side and fitting
  • Attractive bar closure - decorative rose motif end cap

Roof panels can slip over time due to expansion and contraction of the material, the absence of retainers, loss of end caps, and reduced compression of top cappings. When they do slip, they can create an opening at the ridge, which results in draughts, heat loss and water ingress.

Did you know? This Side-Fix End Cap Replacement Kit is suitable for use on glazing bars that feature a screw port (see example images). If your glazing bar does not have any screw ports, you may want to consider our Side-Fix End Cap Replacement Kit.

Here is what the Side-Fix End Cap Replacement Kit contains

  • Roof glazing retainer - interlocking aluminium plate used to trap glazing and prevent future slippage
  • Fixing lug - plastic lug provides slide attachment of end cap
  • End cap - plastic glazing bar end cap
  • Self-drilling screws (x2) - secure retainer to glazing bar
  • Stadard stainless steel screw - secure end cap lug to glazing bar

Technical Information

Measurement Value
End cap size 102mm x 85mm x 15mm (h x w x t)
Retainer plate size (l x h x t) 80mm x 35mm x 3mm (side plate), 60mm x 35mm x 3mm (front plate)
Material Aluminium (Retaining Plate), uPVC (End Cap and Lug), Stainless Steel (Screws)
Colours White, Chocolate Brown, and Caramel
Pack Size Single, 5 pack or 10 pack.

Fitting the Side-Fix End Cap Replacement Kit

  1. Ensure roof glazing has not slipped past end of Glazing Bar
  2. Raise end of Top Cap to allow side fixing
  3. Assemble Glazing Retainer and slide alongside Glazing Bar (position to whichever side allows a more central fitting)
  4. Slot the two-part Glazing Retainer plates together to make the T-section. Side plate holes should be to the top and lug holes on front plate to the bottom
  5. Secure Glazing Retainer with Self-Drilling Screws through pre-drilled pilot holes on side plate, and knock Top Cap back down into position
  6. Position the plastic Lug over preferred front plate hole and secure with provided Standard Screw
  7. Now slide End Cap down onto Lug to finish
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