Universal End Cap Replacement Kit (Single)

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Universal End Cap Replacement Kit Available in White, Chocolate Brown or Caramel... more
Product information "Universal End Cap Replacement Kit (Single)"
Universal End Cap Replacement Kit (Single)

Universal End Cap Replacement Kit

Available in White, Chocolate Brown or Caramel

Secures slipped conservatory roofing panels and stop conservatory leaks - once and for all!

The key components of the End Cap Replacement Kit are the strong, aluminium Roof Glazing Retainer, which is designed to fit the end of glazing a bar to support the polycarbonate sheets or glass units. The kit also includes a plastic End Cap that slide onto a locating plate on the end of the retainer to offer protection and a neat finish to the glazing bar.

Stop Leaks Caused by Slipped Roof Panels

Broken or missing end caps and retainers are a typical cause of slipped roofing panels, which often results in leaks to a conservatory roof.

End Caps are found at the end of the the roof glazing bars that support polycarbonate roof sheets or glass units. Traditionally used to close-off and offer a decorative finish to the open-end of glazing bars, end caps are sometimes also relied on to prevent roof panels from slipping. However, under constant pressure from the weight and movement of the roofing material, an end cap alone is not adequate. That's why we supply aluminium Roof Glazing Retainers to do the heavy work behind the end cap

Fitting the Universal End Cap Replacement Kit

Fitting the kit is quite straight forward but prior experience of DIY and use of electric drills is recommended. You will need to ensure that the roofing material does not pass the end of the Glazing Bar; if it does then you should carefully push it back up into place. The PVC-u Top Cap should then be raised from the end of the Glazing Bar to expose the aluminium bar to which you will fix the Glazing Retainer.

Using the Self-Drilling Screws provided, the Glazing Retainer is fitted against the side of the Glazing Bar with the retaining plate pushed firmly against the roofing material to prevent future slippage. The narrow additional plate that extends from the Glazing Retainer acts as a lug to which the End Cap will slip down onto.

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