60mm ALUKAP-XR Glazing Wall Bar

60mm ALUKAP-XR Glazing Wall Bar
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60mm Aluminium Capping for Wall Rafter Choice of colour, length and base gasket Superior... more
Product information "60mm ALUKAP-XR Glazing Wall Bar"

60mm Aluminium Capping for Wall Rafter

Choice of colour, length and base gasket

Superior sealing at wall abutment!

Premium quality, Inner Capping for 60mm (2 9/25") timber rafters abutting a wall. The Wall Bar comes as three parts, a mill-finished aluminium Inner Capping, an aluminium powder-coated Wall Outer Capping and cast aluminium End Cap.

The Inner Capping gets screwed to a rafter and its rubber gaskets create a water-tight seal over the glazing. The durable Wall Outer Capping snap-fixes securely over the Inner Capping to conceal fixings and prevent water ingress. Wall Outer Capping extends upwards to form a high up-stand that can be over-flashed if required. A heavy duty End Cap provides secure and decorative closure to end of bars, while helping to prevent slippage of glazing material.

Base Gaskets, which sit directly on timber rafters underneath the glazing material, can be supplied to provide a rubber seal under glazing material if required.

Features & Benefits

  • Extruded aluminium - strong and lightweight
  • Maintenance-free - no annual painting required
  • Durable powder-coating - no discolouring
  • Long-life material - no warping or cracking
  • Quick and simple - pre-drilled Inner Capping with snap-fix Wall Outer Capping
  • Custom colour option - can paint to any RAL colour
  • Attractive profile - low contour with concealed gaskets
  • Compatible with glass - unlick most Snap-Tight systems

Shape and height of the 60mm Wall Bar compliments the 45mm and 60mm Main Bar, so can be used together on the same roof. It is available in a choice of colour, length and with or without 45mm and 55mm base gaskets.

Custom Colour Option - There's no problem if you want to match an existing RAL colour. Just choose 'Custom Colour' when ordering and contact us to provide the RAL code.

Technical Information

Finish Powder-coated. White, Dark Brown or Custom Colour (specify RAL code).
Material Aluminium extrusion (Inner Capping and Outer Capping)
EPDM rubber (Glazing Seal Gaskets and Base Gasket)
Width 60mm
Height 20mm (60mm including upstand)
Length 3m, 3.6m, 4.8m or 6m
Base Gasket Option None, 45mm or 55mm
Weight 1027g per metre (approx)

Fitting ALUKAP-XR Wall Bar

  1. Cut the Inner Capping and rubber gaskets to desired length
  2. Insert gasket into Inner Capping gasket grooves
  3. If using, fix Base Gasket to timber rafter before laying glazing material
  4. Position Inner Capping on glazing, directly over rafter
  5. Drill pilot holes through pre-drilled holes in Inner Capping
  6. Screw Inner Capping down to create a uniform seal on glazing material - be careful not to over-tightening*
  7. Screw the End Cap in place
  8. Use sealant to make additional seals around abutments or connections to walls, hip bars or ridge bars if required
  9. Cut Wall Outer Capping to required length and snap-fix on to the Inner Capping**

* If fitting with glass, or polycarbonate, which does not extend across rafter to wall, then a timber packer should be used to the same height as the glazing material.
** Ribbed backing of upstand is a suitable surface for sealant and the upstand can be over flashed.

The above is offered only as a guide and not as complete fitting instructions for all scenarios.

Roof Structure: Timber Supported
Base Material: Rubber
Capping Material: Aluminium
Glazing Compatibility: Glass (Single Pane), Glass (Double-Glazed), Polycarbonate/Acrylic (Solid), Polycarbonate (Multiwall)
Glazing Thickness: 10mm, 16mm, 24/25mm, 32mm, 35mm, Any
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