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High Span Intermediate Bar of ALUKAP-SS Roof System (Choice of length and colour)... more
Product information "ALUKAP-SS High Span Main Bar"

High Span Intermediate Bar of ALUKAP-SS Roof System

(Choice of length and colour)

Capable of spanning up to 6m!

ALUKAP-SS Self-Supporting Low Profile Main Bar

Lightweight and strong aluminium rafter for joining roof glazing of any type and thickness. This deeper high span version is suitable for spans up to 6m and is powder-coated for longer lasting durability.

Part of the aesthetically pleasing ALUKAP-SS self-supporting roof system, which is fast becoming a favourite for decking and veranda covers, conservatories, carports, play areas and much more. Fast installation process means you can have it up in no time, without compromising on quality.

Features & Benefits

  • Extruded aluminium - lightweight and high strength
  • Fast Installation no need for timber rafters
  • Choice of bar length - able to span up to 4m
  • Maintenance-free - no annual painting required
  • Durable powder-coating - long life finish and no discolouring
  • Multiple glazing options - single glass, double glazing, acrylic and polycarbonate sheets
  • Attractive profile - pleasing design with concealed fixings
  • Custom colour option - can paint to any RAL colour

ALUKAP-SS delivers a complete self-supporting roof system, without the need for timber rafter support; everything is covered and designed to work easily together.

What you get

Each Low-Profile Bar is supplied complete with the following:

  • 1 x Structural support bar with gaskets
  • 1 x Inner Top Capping with gaskets
  • 1 x Outer Top Capping
  • 1 x Cast aluminium End Cap

Technical Information

Product DetailValue
Size Width: 60mm (2.36")
Height: 150mm (5.9")*
Length: 3m (9.8"), 4.8m (15.7"), 6m (19.7")
Material Aluminium extrusion.
Finish and Colour Powder-coated in White (RAL 9010), Dark Brown (RAL 8040) and Custom (custom colour to match a RAL number is subject to a 10 day lead time)
Pitch Pitch from 2.5° to 25° with ALUKAP-SS Wall/Eaves Beam
Contents 1 x Main bar with gaskets (I-beam)
1 x Inner Top Capping with gaskets
1 x Outer Top Capping
1 x Cast aluminium End Cap

*Includes main bar and capping, will increase with glazing thickness.

Fitting and Usage

Glazing and ALUKAP-SS Bar Length

ALUKAP-SS bars should be ordered to the same length as the roof glazing material, or the next available size.

We recommend that glazing material stops 15mm short from host wall at the top (providing expansion gap) and oversails the Eaves Capping at bottom by 30mm (providing drip over the gutter).

Bar Length = Length along Pitch +/- Expansion Adjustment + Gutter Overhang

Example Glazing/Bar Length Adjustments

Roof PitchLength along PitchExpansion AdjustmentGutter OverhangBar/Glazing Length
2,200mm - 6mm + 30mm 2,224mm
10° 2,200mm n/a 2,230mm
15° 2,200mm + 8mm 2,238mm
22° 2,200mm + 15mm 2,245mm

Glazing Width and ALUKAP-SS Bar Quantity

Glazing Deductions

The ALUKAP-SS Top Capping is secured with screw fixings going into the Main Bar upstand. So glazing width deduction must be made to allow for them and expansion.

Glazing width should be reduced by 15mm from centre-to-centre measurement of neighbouring bars.

If centre of one bar to centre of next is 980mm, then the glazing width should be 965mm (980mm - 15mm). This simple rule applies to the Main, Gable and Wall bars.

Glazing Width = Centres Space - 15mm

Deductions Diagram

Calculating Quantity of Bars Required

The quantity of bars to cover the roof width is governed by factors including geographic location, roof pitch, projection from host wall and glazing material. Each factor affects the recommended glazing width, which affects the number of bars required. Generally speaking, the shallower the pitch and the longer the projection, the narrower the glazing width should be.

Please get in touch if you would like a copy of the Technical Guide or Fitting Guide.

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