K2 C8043 Replacement Gutter Bracket

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Replacement C8043 Gutter Bracket for K2 Conservatory (Available in White or Chocolate... more
Product information "K2 C8043 Replacement Gutter Bracket"
Compatible with K2 Conservatories

Replacement C8043 Gutter Bracket for K2 Conservatory

(Available in White or Chocolate Brown)

Twice as strong as original K2 bracket!

Durable plastic concealed top hung gutter brackets (C8043) for K2 conservatory roof and ogee profile gutter. Simple clip-and-lock fitting to conservatory eaves beam makes adding brackets quick and easy - with no need for screws.

Production of the original K2 parts ceased when the conservatory company went into administration in early 2021. This left a big problem for those with K2 guttering, as the gutter support brackets are notoriously weak and prone to breaking. Well, the problem is now solved, with these purpose-designed replacement brackets, which are stronger and longer lasting than the original brackets.

Features & Benefits

  • Stronger by Design - original weak points strengthened
  • Long Life Expectancy - tough and UV resistant
  • Easy to Fit - no screws or tools required
  • Zero Maintenance - requires no annual painting
  • Design Improvements - stronger and easier to fit gutter
  • Same Discrete Design - top hung so unseen from ground

New Improved Design

Specialist design refinements, combined with the use of advanced 3D print technology and materials, means that we can now offer longer-lasting replacement brackets, which make it easier to fit gutter lengths, provides a stronger hold, and lasts longer.

Twice as strong as original K2 C8043 gutter bracket

How to identify a gutter bracket

Technical Information

Material UV-stable plastic
Length 131.5mm
Height 54mm
Thickness 21mm
Colour White or Chocolate Brown
Compatibility K2 Ogee Gutter (P6025/P6026)
Pack Size Single (see our separate 5 pack listing)

Guide to Replace Obsolete K2 Guttering with Marshall Tufflex Universal Plus Ogee Guttering


There is no longer any stock of K2 guttering parts, so if your problem goes beyond just broken brackets, then you may need to consider replacing the whole system. We have produced a Replacing K2 Gutter System guide that describes how to replace K2 guttering with Marshall Tufflex Universal Plus, an ogee system with a similar scalloped front. With higher flowrate, and more watertight joints, this could be considered an upgrade.

Fitting and Usage

Fitting replacement K2 C8043 Gutter Brackets

K2 C8043 bracket features moulded clips at the top and the bottom of the bracket body that are used to secure the bracket to the eaves beam. The following instructions, which assumes that the gutter is already removed, should help you to fit the brackets and replace the guttering.

  1. Introduce the bracket, in it's normal upright position, to the eaves beam
  2. Fit the top clip over the top lip in eaves beam and pivot down to cause bottom clip to lock into place and secure the brackets
  3. The gutter can then be introduced to the bracket with the outside edge hooking over the end of the bracket
  4. Then pivot the gutter to swing the inside edge of the gutter up to the bracket until it clips into place.

Twice as strong as original K2 C8043 gutter bracket

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