K2 Ogee Conservatory Gutter (2m)

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2m Lengths of K2 Ogee Profile Guttering (Choice of colour and pack size) Replace damaged... more
Product information "K2 Ogee Conservatory Gutter (2m)"

2m Lengths of K2 Ogee Profile Guttering

(Choice of colour and pack size)

Replace damaged and discoloured gutter!

Attractive sculptured ogee profile K2 guttering in convenient 2m lengths. Available in white and chocolate brown or caramel.

These genuine K2 gutter lengths are as effective for new build gutter systems as they are an easy fit replacement part to existing damaged or tired conservatory guttering.

Features & Benefits

  • Attractive scolloped design
  • Convenient and cost effective length
  • Fits quickly and easily
  • Colour choice to suit existing frames
  • Replaces damaged and twisted gutter

Gutter lengths can become twisted and fractur over time and even break completely during periods of snowfall and freezing temperatures.

DID YOU KNOW? Several manufacturers produce an ogee profile gutter that looks similar to K2 but are not compatible. Check your existing conservatory for any identifying K2 features, such as a K2 symbol on the ends of the roof glazing bars and the C8043 conservatory gutter bracket that is used only with K2 gutter.

What you get

To help ensure that gutter lengths arrive undamaged, we despatch in quantities of 2 and obove only. Individual lengths are however available for collection.

Technical Information

Material PVC-u
Colour White, Chocolate Brown (Rosewood/Mahogany) and Caramel (Oak)
Compatibility K2 Conservatory Roof Guttering
Associated Brackets K2 C8043 Conservatory Gutter Brackets

Fitting and Usage

Fitting the gutter is fairly straight forward. Assuming that all required gutter brackets have been clipped onto the eaves beam:

  1. Introduce gutter to the brackets with the outside edge hooking over the front lip of the brackets
  2. Pivot the gutter to swing the inside edge of the gutter up to the bracket until it clips into place
  3. Check along the gutter length that the lip on the back edge of the gutter has engaged with the bracket

Please also note the following:

  • Brackets and gutter lengths can be a little stiffer and less flexible when installing in cold weather
  • Ensure brackets are spaced no more than 500mm along the length of the gutter and less in exposed areas
  • Brackets should be fitted within 50mm of where a gutter fits a joint, outlet or stopend
  • When replacing gutter it may be beneficial to also replace perished gaskets and weak clips
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