50mm Anti-Dust Breather Tape

50mm Anti-Dust Breather Tape
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Breather Tape for 25/32mm polycarbonate 25mm polycarb with 50mm filter tape... more
Product information "50mm Anti-Dust Breather Tape"
Breather Tape for 25/32mm polycarbonate

Breather Tape for 25/32mm polycarbonate

25mm polycarb with 50mm filter tape

25mm polycarb with 50mm filter tape

Hight tack adhesive bands

Hight tack adhesive bands

50mm Filter Tape for 25mm and 32mm Polycarbonate

5m, 10m or 33m roll

Ventilated and self-adhesive!

High performance 50mm 'breathable' self-adhesive filter tape protects against ingress of dust, debris and insects in flutes of 25mm and 32mm multi-wall polycarbonate sheeting.

When used as an anti-dust tape on the open ends of polycarbonate conservatory roof panels, Filtarite provides a clean breathable filter that also allows the escape of water vapour to prevent condensation forming.

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents infestation
  • Reduces likelyhood of condensation
  • Easy-fit self-adhesive backing
  • Long-lasting high tack adhesion
  • Durable FDA approved material
  • Filter tape of choice for over 15 years
  • Excellent UV stability and water resistance
  • BBA tested filtration system

Filtarite performs to all relevant standards and is BBA tested and made from FDA approved materials.

Remember: Polycarbonate is a great material but only effective if care is taken to prevent the growth of unsightly and damaging algae and moulds.

Technical Information

Tape Width 50mm
Tape Length 5m, 10m or 33m roll
Compatibility 25mm and 32mm polycarbonate sheets

Declaration of Performance

Filtration Information

Tensile strength and elongation 45mm test width

Max Load: 179.21 (N 50mm) - mean result ** Strain at Max Load: 41.05% - mean result **

Water Vapour Transmission

Tested to BS 3177:1959 (1959) mean permeability 4474 (gm224h) **

Thermal Shock / Condensation

In accordance with MOAT 48:1991

This test procedure is intended to replicate the ability of the filter tape to resist the passage of water and therefore the formation of condensation within the cavities of the polycarbonate under wet/heat cycling conditions.

Cycle 0-25 - no leaks or condensation **

Cycle 25-50 - no leaks or condensation **

Resistance to Penetration by Particles

Filter cut point 45 microns (rounded up to the nearest 5 mic) **

** Results taken from British Boar of Agrement Test Report No: 2534

Fitting Anti-Dust Breather Tape

Fitting Anti-Dust Breather tape to your polycarbonate sheets is quite straight forward when you follow these simple steps.

Fitting Anti-Dust Breather Tape

1. Prepare the polycarbonate sheet
Clean the end of the sheet where you will fit the tape. This is a good time to remove dirt or moisture from the flutes, which are the channels that run the length of the sheet. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry before...
2. Positioning tape over end
Cut 50mm longer than the width of the sheet, to allow 25mm to wrap round both corners. Stick the pre-cut tape to the end of your sheet. Position vertically so that some tape rises above and an equal amount hangs below the end of the sheet. Then...
3. Fold tape over to secure
Fold the overhanging strips of tape to the top and bottom face of the sheeting. Don't worry if the tape is a little longer than your sheet, you can just fold it round the end to...
4. Fit End Closure
Fit a protective end closure over the sheet to prevent it from being harmed by the elements.
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