EZ Glaze Polycarbonate Sheet

EZ Glaze Glass-like Polycarbonate Roof Sheet
Clear EZ Glaze Glass-like Polycarbonate Roof Sheet
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Glass-like covering with EZ Glaze Glass-like Polycarbonate Roof Sheet
EZ Glaze Polycarbonate Sheet
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EZ Glaze Glass-like Polycarbonate Roof Sheet (Choice of colour and length) Natural... more
Product information "EZ Glaze Polycarbonate Sheet"
EZ Glaze Glass-like Polycarbonate Sheets

EZ Glaze Glass-like Polycarbonate Roof Sheet

(Choice of colour and length)

Natural daylight and comfort, with glass-like appearance!

Elegant, glass-like polycarbonate panels that installs directly over rafters, quickly and easily. Made from tough and durable 3mm thick polycarbonate, EZ Glaze is lightweight, UV-resistant, and over 200 times stronger than glass.

Transform your outdoor space with this elegant, innovative system, suitable for up to 60mm rafters, and specifically designed for rafter spacings of 600mm. EZ Glaze is perfect for pergolas, gazebos, patio enclosures, sunrooms, and carports.

Features & Benefits

  • Glass-like appearance - clear and elegant
  • Easy to install - fits directly over roof rafters
  • Superior strength - 200 times stronger than glass
  • Lightweight - half the weight of laminated glass
  • UV protection - blocks 99.9% of harmful UV radiation
  • Minimal maintenance - resists build-up of moss and grime
  • Long lasting and trusted - 10-year guarantee

The unique profiled sides of the EZ Glaze sheets, allow quick positioning, and easy fitting over rafters. Sheets are side lapped using the corrugated edge profile, to provide superior weathering, along with the exceptional resistance to hail, high wind, and snow.

EZ Glaze doesn't only perform well year after year, but it will look great too, as it's smooth surface helps to prevent the build-up of moss and grime.

Technical Information

Material Polycarbonate
Width 688mm
Length 2.5m (Clear only), 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 6m
Thickness 3mm
Coverage 600mm
Minimum Pitch
Colour Clear, Bluish Breeze
Light Transmission 90% (Clear), 70% (Bluish Breeze)
Rafters Spaced with 600mm centres. Maximum width of 60mm.
Overhang 50-150mm
Side Overlap Single corrugated edge profile
Light Transmission 90% (Clear), 70% (Bluish Breeze), 20% (Grey, Solar Ice)
Snow Load Resistance Up to 400 Kg/m2
Fire Rating EN 13501 - B s1, d0
Warranty 10 years


Did you know? Applying foam tape down each rafter before fitting the sheets, will help to reduce the friction and noise caused by thermal expansion, and an aluminium wall flashing can be used to protect the joint at a host wall. Look at our EZ Glazer Wall Flashing, EZ Glaze Foam Tape and EZ Glaze Screw & Washer accessories.

Fitting & Usage

Designed with ease of installation in mind, EZ Glaze is a pleasure to fit, as the following summary will demonstrate. Full fitting instructions are available, and recommended reading prior to installation.

Pre-installation Considerations

  • Use up to 60mm rafters.
  • Rafter spacings must be 600mm (centre-to-centre).
  • Ensure rafters are perfectly perpendicular to beams/wall.
  • Minimum pitch of 5°.
  • No purlins/laths required.
  • Read full fitting instructions before starting the installation of your structure.


  1. Apply foam tape along the centre of each rafter to reduce friction and noise.
  2. Position first sheet with 'upper' edge corrugation resting on the starter rafter. The sheet should overhang at the bottom by 50-150mm, and the same amount at the top if the roof is free-standing.
  3. Pre-drill fixing holes through the sheet along starter rafter corrugation, at maximum of 500mm apart and within 30-50mm from either end.
  4. Secure the sheet to starter rafter from top to bottom, using EZ Glaze screws and washers.
  5. Overlap the 'upper' edge of the second sheet, over the 'lower' edge of the first. Then pre-dill and fix through both, as done with the first rafter.
  6. Repeat the fixing procedure for the remaining sheet.
  7. If the penultimate and end rafters are less than 600mm centre-to-centre, then the sheet will need to be cut along its length, and the end rafter installed 39mm lower than the other, to allow the flat of the sheet to sit level.
  8. When the roof is fitted against a host wall, it can be over flashed with lead or a synthetic alternative. Alternatively, the dedicated aluminium EZ Glaze Wall Flashing can be used - it is pre-formed, so no need to dress over the corrugations.
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