25mm Bronze/Opal Dual Polycarbonate Sheets

25mm Bronze/Opal Dual Polycarbonate Sheets
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  • TRU-1134-1097
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25mm Bronze/Opal Dual-Tinted Polycarbonate 25mm Bronze Outside / Opal... more
Product information "25mm Bronze/Opal Dual Polycarbonate Sheets"
25mm Bronze/Opal Dual-Tinted Polycarbonate

25mm Bronze/Opal
Dual-Tinted Polycarbonate

25mm Bronze Outside / Opal Inside Dual-tinted Polycarbonate

Any size up to 2.1m x 6m (width x length)

Lightweight, tough and thermally efficient roofing panels!

Dual-tinted polycarbonate combining the two most popular tints. Bronze limits light transmission, minimises glare and reduces heat build up. Opal on the inside allows light in but reduces solar gain concentrating on one area.

Bronze/Opal helps keep rooms cool, eliminates uncomfortable hotspots, creates a softer light and provides privacy.

25mm polycarbonate sheets are great for conservatory roofs, canopies, atriums, industrial roofing and many more applications. For small applications, such as carposts, pergolas and greenhouses, a thiner 10mm or 16mm polycarbonate may suffice.

Polycarbonate is a great insulator that also reduces condensation and diffuses light. It can also be more energy efficient than glass of a comparable thickness and up to 50% cheaper.

Features & Benefits

  • Super strong - upto 200 times impact strength of glass
  • UV Resistance - minimises long-term yellowing
  • High resistance to impact - resistance to breakage
  • High thermal efficiency - triplewall and fivewall
  • Robust yet lightweight - fraction of glass weight
  • Fire safety - Class 1 Spread of Flame Protection
  • 10 year warranty - light transmission is guaranteed

Technical Information

Weight 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.4
Light Transmission 57 49 - 10 7
U-value (W/m2K) 1.51 1.51 1.51 1.7 1.6
Sound Reduction (dB) 23 23 23 23 -
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.65 0.54 - - -

* Weight is measured in (kg/m)

Thickness: 25mm
Tint: Bronze/Opal
Width: 600mm, 600mm to 2.1m
Length: 1m (3.28') to 6m (19.68'), 2000mm
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