25mm Heatguard/Opal Polycarbonate Sheets

25mm Heatguard/Opal Polycarbonate Sheets
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  • TRU-1134-1100
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25mm Heatguard/Opal Dual-Tinted Polycarbonate 25mm Heatguard (Grey) Outside... more
Product information "25mm Heatguard/Opal Polycarbonate Sheets"
25mm Heatguard/Opal Dual-Tinted Polycarbonate

25mm Heatguard/Opal
Dual-Tinted Polycarbonate

25mm Heatguard (Grey) Outside / Opal Inside Dual-tinted Polycarbonate

Any size up to 2.1m x 6m (width x length)

Lightweight, tough and thermally efficient roofing panels!

Dual-tinted polycarbonate with Heatguard outside to provide UV protection with IR heat block and Opal inside for attractive white finish with soft light quality.

Heatguard/Opal allows light in, but deflects solar radiation to reduce heat build-up by as much as 50% compared with Clear! Heatguard/Opal is a good option for South-facing conservatories.

25mm and 35mm polycarbonate sheets are great for conservatory roofs, canopies, atriums, industrial roofing and many more applications. For small applications, such as carposts, pergolas and greenhouses, a thiner 10mm or 16mm polycarbonate may suffice.

Polycarbonate is a great insulator that also reduces condensation and diffuses light. It can also be more energy efficient than glass of a comparable thickness and up to 50% cheaper.

Features & Benefits

  • Super strong - upto 200 times impact strength of glass
  • UV Resistance - minimises long-term yellowing
  • High resistance to impact - resistance to breakage
  • High thermal efficiency - triplewall and fivewall
  • Robust yet lightweight - fraction of glass weight
  • Fire safety - Class 1 Spread of Flame Protection
  • 10 year warranty - light transmission is guaranteed

Technical Information

Weight 3.4 3.4 3.4 - 3.4
Light Transmission 60% 15% 25% - 5%
U-value (W/m2K) 1.5 1.5 1.5 - 1.5

* Weight is measured in (kg/m)

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