Clear Axgard Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

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Axgard Clear Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Lightweight, Strong and Durable Made from one of... more
Product information "Clear Axgard Solid Polycarbonate Sheet"

Axgard Clear Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Lightweight, Strong and Durable

Made from one of the most advanced polymers produced today!

Clear Axgard Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

The Axgard solid polycarbonate sheet is made from an advanced polymer making it uniquely strong and flexible. 200 times stronger than glass but only half its weight it’s also 10 times stronger than Perspex and unlike acrylic (which will shatter on impact) these sheets are virtually unbreakable and have incredible durability.

Available in a choice of widths, lengths and thicknesses, these shatterproof sheets are perfect for many applications. Being just as transparent as glass makes the smaller thicknesses an ideal solution for secondary glazing, greenhouses, skylights and shed windows. The thicker sheets meanwhile are perfect for roof glazing, walkways, balustrades, bus shelters and more.

DID YOU KNOW? We can cut your sheet to any size. Please message us for more details.

Features & Benefits

  • Finish – clear finish which I just as transparent as glass
  • Strength – 200x stronger than glass and 10x stronger than Perspex
  • Durability – shatterproof advanced polymer makes it virtually unbreakable
  • Protection – Protective layers on both sides to filter UV radiation and prevent discolouration
  • Maintenance Free – a quick wipe down will keep it looking as good as new
  • Options – can be cut to any size with rounded edge finish and radius corners available
  • Safety – Class 1 Fire Rated means Axgard sheets are highly resistant to fire and the spread of flames
  • Multiple Applications – glazing, greenhouses, shelters, protective screens and more

Each Axgard sheet is Class 1 Fire Rated, virtually maintenance-free; only needing a wipe down to clean, is easy to cut and drill holes with the right tools (see drilling below) and each sheet has extra UV protective layers on each side to provide exceptional resistance against radiation and discolouration.

DID YOU KNOW? We can provide radius corners and a rounded edge finish by including a smooth bevel around the outside of the sheet, both FREE of charge. Please message us at the time of order to let us know if you require a rounded edge finish (only available on 4mm thick and above) or how many radius corners you need and their size.

What you get


Clear Axgard Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

When drilling Axgard sheets a standard twist drill usually used for wood or metal can be used however slower speed and feed rates should be used. For optimal results we recommend between 500-2500 rpm with a drill point that includes an angle between 60° and 90° and a lip clearance between 12° and 18°. This ensures heat reduction and allows cuttings to easily escape.

When drilling we also recommend making the sure the sheet is held securely to prevent possible cracking or chipping and depending on the final application of the sheet to drill a hole 1.5 times the diameter of the screw to allow for sheet expansion.

Spanning Guide

Notice: These calculations have been made for a maximum deflection of 2% on the minimum width and length.

Clear Axgard Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Fitting and Usage

Cold Bending

Axgard polycarbonate sheets can also be installed with a stressed curve to create an arch or dome if it is within specified limits. See the table below.

Clear Axgard Solid Polycarbonate Sheet


Axgard polycarbonate sheets must always be fixed using compatible fixings and a low modulus, neutral cure silicone like WP70. You should leave 3mm clearance around the edges of the panels to allow for thermal movement and do not remove the protective film until the sheet is fixed firmly in place. Axgard can be installed in most types of framework including wood, aluminium and UPVC.

For cleaning and maintenance, we recommend using a cotton cloth with a detergent solution.

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