Heavy Duty Self-Supporting Screw Fixings

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Fixing Screws for Heavy Duty Self-Supporting Glazing Bars (5 Bar Pack) (10 x short and 10 x... more
Product information "Heavy Duty Self-Supporting Screw Fixings"

Fixing Screws for Heavy Duty Self-Supporting Glazing Bars (5 Bar Pack)

(10 x short and 10 x long screws)

Self-tapping screw with corrosion protection!

Pack of galvanised steel fixing screws for the Heavy Duty Self-Supporting Roof. These strong 5.5mm diameter self-tapping pan head screws will secure five glazing bars to the wall plate and eaves beam.

The pack contains 10 x short screws (19mm) for securing the top of the glazing bars (main, gable, or wall) to the wall plate, and 10 x long screws (38mm) for securing the top end to the eaves beam.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-tapping thread - cuts own tight fit thread
  • Zinc plated galvanised steel - protects against corrosion
  • Small pack size - reduces over buying
  • Phillips drive type - no special tools required
  • Ends uncertainty - pre-packed selection for the job

The Phillips drive type makes it easier to locate the screw driver or bit into the screw head, and the tapping thread shapes its own tight counter thread when screwed into a pilot hole.

Pack Contents

The packs includes 20 screws in total, which provides enough for securing 5 glazing bars, using 2 short screws at the top of each, and 2 long screws at the bottom of each.

  • 10 x Wurth Pan Head Self Tapping Screw (5.5 x 19mm)
  • 10 x Wurth Pan Head Self Tapping Screw (5.5 x 38mm)

Technical Information

Diameter 5.5mm
Length 19mm
Material Steel
Surface Zinc plated
Head Type Pan Head
Head Diameter 10.8mm
Head Height 3.95mm
Drive Type Phillips
Drive Size PH3
Pilot Hole 4.2mm (typical, but refer to DIN 7975)
Standards DIN 7981, ISO 7049, RoHS compliant
Manufacturer Article Numbers 0115 55 19 and 0115 55 38

Fitting & Usage

Securing the Glazing Bars with self-tapping screws

Pilot holes can be drilled in the bars, wall plate, and eaves beam, once the bar positioning has been decided. The bars can then be aligned and secured using short self-tapping screws at the wall plate, and long ones at the eaves beam.

Summary of Heavy Duty Self-Support Roof Fitting
  1. Determine height of Wall Plate on host wall, and fix using suitable masonry screws or anchors.
  2. If using Support Posts, fix them to Eaves Beam and stand in position. Otherwise, fix Eaves Beam to head of windows, or other structural support.
  3. Cut Glazing Bars, Top Caps and Underclad to desired length. Remembering to use a Gable Bar as the first and last, or a Wall Bar if the roof abuts a wall on the side. Beads of silicone sealant can be applied along the back of the Wall Bar’s uPVC Flashing Trim to add a barrier before over flashed with lead, synthetic lead, or a high quality flashing tape.
  4. Fit Underclad to Glazing Bar and screw to Wall Plate (use 20mm self-drilling screws)
  5. Screw low end of Glazing Bar to Eaves Beam (use 35mm self-drilling screws)
  6. Cut Panel Support Trim and fit between the Glazing Bars
  7. Fit End Closure to one end of each polycarbonate sheet (underside of end closure where sits over bar, can be trimmed to allow it to sit flat)
  8. Lay polycarbonate sheets between Glazing Bars and tap the Top Capping down into position (use nylon hammer, wooden mallet, or protect the capping)
  9. Fit End Cap to each Glazing Bar
  10. Fit the Wall Plate End Covers and Eaves Beam End Covers
  11. Over flash the Wall Plate Flashing trim as required
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