Gutta Guttapral K10 Corrugated Bitumen Sheet

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Guttapral K10 Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheet by Gutta (950mm x 2m, in choice of colour) 15... more
Product information "Gutta Guttapral K10 Corrugated Bitumen Sheet"

Guttapral K10 Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheet by Gutta

(950mm x 2m, in choice of colour)

15 year watertightness guarantee!

Durable and lightweight, Guttapral K10 offers superior weather protection for many roof covering applications. Guaranteed corrugated bitumen roofing that can be fitted quickly and easily.

Part of the popular Guttapral roofing system, which provides excellent thermal and acoustic comfort, whilst guaranteeing watertightness of renovation and new build projects. High performance, maintenance-free roofing for smaller coverings, such as garden sheds, canopies and pergolas, plus larger ones, like garages, stables, cabins and summerhouses.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight and flexible - easy to transport and handle
  • Easy to cut - cuts with standard lubricated handsaw
  • Extremely robust - resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Fast and easy installation - just overlap then nail
  • Environmentally friendly - asbestos-free recycled material
  • Noise reducing material - noticeably quieter during rain
  • Non-hazardous substances - safe during and after installation
  • Guaranteed water permeability - 15 year manufacturer warranty

Profile of the Gutta Guttapral K10 Corrugated Bituen Roof Sheet

Technical Information

Product Specification

Material Multi-layer bitumen corrugated roof sheets with colour impregnation for final covering
No. of Layers 16-22
Profile Corrugated with 10 waves
Acoustic Insulation 20 dB (ISO 140)
Sheet Size (width x length) 950mm x 2000mm
Sheet Thickness 2.3mm
Wave Length 95mm
Wave Height 31mm
Gross Coverage 1.9 m2
Average Weight 2.73 kg/m2 ± 5%
Tolerances ± 7%
Pitch 7° to 90°
Fixings Gutta countersunk head galvanised nails with PE round headed washer
Standards EN 534:2006 + A1:2010
Fire Resistance Class B2 (according to DIN 4102)
Guarantee 15 Years water permeability*

*when fitted to manufacturer guidelines

Overlap and Coverage

MeasurementStandardLow Pitch or High Load
Min. Side Overlap One wave Two waves
Min. End Overlap 150mm 200mm
Gap at Ridge Apex 855mm 760mm
Net Coverage 1.58 m2 1.37 m2
Effective Width Coverage 855mm 760mm
Effective Length Coverage 1850mm 1800mm

Lath and Sheet Fitting

Counter Laths Size (Horizontal) 45mm x 45mm
Support Laths Size (Slope) 60mm x 60mm
Counter Lath Spacing Load Spacing
90Kg/m2 62cm
200Kg/m2 46cm
350Kg/m2 31cm
Max. Overhang at Eaves 50mm
Min. Ridge/Gable Angle Overlap 50mm
Min. Fixings 20 per sheet

Fitting & Usage

Fitting Guttapral is straightforward, and the principle is the same for both mono pitch, and dual pitch roofs. Downloadable fitting sheets, are available to help you plan, and fit your corrugated roof, but the following will summarise the principle.

Assuming that your roof battens have been set at the required spacing, and any desired membrane has been fitted, you are ready to fit the sheets.

  1. Determine direction of prevailing wind, and lay sheets in opposite direction.
  2. Begin on the bottom row and work towards the opposite side, overlapping the sheets by the required amount of peaks.
  3. Continue by fitting the row above, again working in the opposite direction to the wind, and allowing the required end overlap.
  4. Every second row should be started with a cut half width sheet, to stager the overlaps.
  5. Fix each sheet with approximately 20 x hot-dip galvanized countersunk-head nails with PE round-head washers. At the eaves, on an overlap, and along the ridge should have one fixing to each corrugation. Only every third corrugation need to be fixed on to intermediate purlins. When overlapping ends, don’t fix the top of the lower sheet, until the upper sheet is in place, to fix both with a single fixing.
  6. The optional Verge Gable Angle can be used to better secure the verge. First, fix to side wall, then fold and fix to top corrugations.
  7. For dual pitched roofs with central ridge, use the Ridge Roof Apex, fixed in opposite direction to prevailing wind with 50mm end overlap. Outside edges of ridge should overlap sheeting by 100mm.

Note that the Gutta product warranty requires that the products have been fitted to specification, please do follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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