EasyRidge F Dry Fix Hip Accessory Kit

EasyRidge F Dry Fix Hip Accessory Kit
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Transform ridge kit into hip kit Hip trays fitted to hip Trays, hip clips... more
Product information "EasyRidge F Dry Fix Hip Accessory Kit"
Transform ridge kit into hip kit

Transform ridge kit into hip kit

Hip trays fitted to hip

Hip trays fitted to hip

Trays, hip clips and ratchet clips

Trays, hip clips and ratchet clips

Hip Accessories for EasyRidge Ridge Kit

Includes trays, hip clips and ratchet clips

Improve the look and performance of your hip

Used with the EasyRidge Ridge Kit. Supports hip tile to give a neat, continuous line on the roof and includes a selection of clips for securing small tile cuts along the hip.

Hip trays are unobtrusive and will not detract from the overall look of the roof.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to fit - no special tools required
  • Water resistant - another barrier against water ingress
  • Strong and UV stable - lasts long and doesn't break down
  • Attractive - hip tiles look neat and straight
  • Secures roof and hip tile - supplied with aluminium tile and plastic ratchet clips

The Hip Accessory Kit is supplied with 26 x Short Leg Ratchet Clips, which can be used as an alternative to the long leg clips supplied with the Ridge Kit itself. These shorter clips can be used when fitting with tile that sit low on the hip, such as Third Round or Marley Modern. They ensure that the clip does not foul against the tile and engages fully.

For your convenience, we also supply lonng and short Hip Clips that can secure small tile cuts along the hip.

  • 1.2m Hip Trays (x 5)
  • Short Leg Ratchet Clips (x 26)
  • Long Hip Clips (x 20)
  • Short Hip Clips (x 20)

Fitting the EasyRidge Dry Fix Ridge Kit to a hip is made easy with the Hip Accessort Kit. The following pointers illustrates just how easy.

  1. Build-up hip to a height that allows the centre of tray to rest on hip batten and the tiles on either side. Elevated hip batten may be secured with mechanical fixings and/or batten straps.
  2. Ensure small tile cuts, that cannot be mechanically fixed at the hip in the normal way, are secured using the short or long hip clips supplies.
  3. Once built-up hip is complete and small tile custs are secured, ensure tiles are dry and free from dust or other surface contamination.
  4. Lay the ridge roll centrally along the hip batten and secure with staple or suitable nails.
  5. Remove protective backing from the Butyl strips and dress over the tile to produce a continuous surface contact.
  6. The Hip Trays are then fitted to support the hip tiles, keeping them straight and level when screw-fixing to the hip.
  7. Trays should be secured with a single corrosion resistant clout nail and overlapped by 50mm along the hip when necessary. Trays can be cut as required at the eaves and mitred at the ridge.
  8. Once the hip support trays are in place, hip tiles can be fitted in the same manner as Ridge Tiles.
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