Patination Oil (500ml)

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Protection Against Discolouring from Carbonate Formation 500ml Rub over new lead for... more
Product information "Patination Oil (500ml)"

Protection Against Discolouring from Carbonate Formation


Rub over new lead for protective coating

Solvent-based surface treatment for new lead sheet or flashings. Gives evenness of colour to lead and protective coating to prevent unsightly white staining.

Carbonate formation can result in discolouration of lead and surrounding surfaces, such as brickwork and tiles. Patination Oil stops carbonate forming and should therefore be applied to new lead as soon as possible on day of installation.

Patination Oil should be used on lead roofing, lead flashings and lead cladding to give an attractive, uniform appearance and prevent the flow of staining to other building material.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides even colour - lead remains consistant without staining
  • Protects other surfaces - stops staining washing on to other surfaces
  • Easy to use - simply rub over surface of lead

Technical Information

Volume 500ml
Appearance Straw coloured liquid - dries clear
Flammability Flammable
Boiling point 152°C
Solubility in water Insoluble
Flash point 38°C

How to use Bond-It Patination Oil ...


Give the surface of the lead quick sweep or brush to remove all loose large pieces of dust, debris or cement etc. that might affect adhesion.


Patination oil should be applied as soon as possible, immediately after each step of the lead work and certainly not later than the end of the working day. Patination Oil should be applied in a well ventilated area, away from naked flames.

  1. Shake the can vigorously for at least 2 minutes before use and occasionally during application.
  2. Apply the oil with a soft absorbent cloth.
  3. Work horizontally from top to bottom maintaining a wet lower edge.
  4. Remember to apply to the underside of leading edges to a depth of 50mm.
  5. Ensure application is complete before rain

Note: Do not allow Patination Oil to come into contact with bituminous surfaces or polycarbonate sheets as it may dissolve them.

As with all cleaning products, these products may not be suitable for use on all uPVC including laminated plastics. Therefore a compatibility test is recommended on a hidden area of the surface prior to application.

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