500mm Passivated Steel Door Restrictor

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UPVC Adjustable Door Restrictor Length: 500mm Stay open, adjustable uPVC door... more
Product information "500mm Passivated Steel Door Restrictor"
500mm Passivated Steel Door Restrictor

UPVC Adjustable Door Restrictor

Length: 500mm

Stay open, adjustable uPVC door restrictor - truly irresistible!

This high quality concealed uPVC door restrictor is designed to provide adjustable resistance to uPVC, french or double doors, and is designed to stay open in any position by means of an adjustable friction pad. Stay open position can be set up to 135° to stop the door hitting sill ends and garden furniture.

Door restrictors should be tough, durable and offer reliable weather resistance, which is why we chose this door restrictor. The door restrictor is designed to sit in the eurogroove, commonly found on most major uPVC doors. The hard-wearing, hold-open function, with it's stainless steel arrow head, engages in a carbon steel plated holding spring - providing a more positive hold.

This restrictor also features an adjustable 'friction pad' which is easily adjusted with a pozi screwdriver, by turning clockwise for 'greater' or counter-clockwise for 'lesser' hold. Restrictors limit door opening to a preset position or to maximum of 90°. depending on where the frame part is fixed. It can stop the door hitting sill end caps, or opening too far.

The 'Easy Fit' design is simple to install, just slot into the eurogroove & fix it to the door frame, by using the 6 supplied screws. The arm can be disconnected to allow unrestricted movement, or allow the door to open fully. Whether you are replacing one or tired of your doors slamming in a breeze this door restrictor is a fantastic buy!

Features & Benefits

  • Stops Doors swinging shut when it's breezy
  • Stops Doors swinging too far open knocking sill end caps off
  • Adjustable friction the opening friction or resistance is adjustable
  • New hold open design new & enhanced 90° hold open pad
  • Passivated mild steel increased resistance to corrosion
  • Quick & easy to installtakes just 5 mins to install
  • Universally handed fits left or right handed doors
  • Suitable for all major uPVC profiles using eurogroove
  • Fixings supplied 6 screws provided for easy install
  • Fits inward or outward opening doors flexible

How to fit the adjustable door restrictor

  1. Open the door to 90° or desired stay open position.
  2. Place the end of the main restrictor plate on the floor (or somewhere solid), push the restrictor arm to engage the arrowhead stay open pin of the restrictor arm slide into the stay open clip.
  3. Fix the centre (where the plate spins) of the restrictor pivot plate to the top of the door frame, 100mm in from the door frame upright using the 2 supplied screws.
  4. Place the main restrictor plate (with the stay open clip side nearest to the hinge of the door) into the door eurogroove, then fix using the 4 supplied screws.
  • Check the door can close fully.
  • Adjust the friction of the restrictor slide by using a pozi screwdriver to turn the adjustment screw - clockwise for greater friction or counter-clockwise for lesser friction.
  • Job done - admire your handywork.

500mm Passivated Steel Door Restrictor

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