K2 C8067/C8066 Gutter Clips + Rubber Gaskets (1 Set)

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K2 Gutter Clip and Seal Durable Clip and Gasket for K2 Gutter Joint White,... more
Product information "K2 C8067/C8066 Gutter Clips + Rubber Gaskets (1 Set)"
K2 Gutter Clip and Seal

K2 Gutter Clip and Seal

Durable Clip and Gasket for K2 Gutter Joint

White, Chocolate Brown or Caramel

Say goodbye to leaky gutter joints!

Gutter Clip (C8067) and rubber Gasket Seal (C8066) provide a watertight joint between gutter corners, unions and outlets on Ogee profile guttering of K2 conservatory roofs.

Guide to Replace Obsolete K2 Guttering with Marshall Tufflex Universal Plus Ogee Guttering


Production of K2 roof and gutter ceased when K2 went into administration several weeks ago, and we no longer have stock of replacement parts. However, we have produced a Replacing K2 Gutter System guide that describes how to replace K2 guttering with Marshall Tufflex Universal Plus, an ogee system which has ascalloped front like K2 gutter, but provides a higher flowrate and is more watertight.

Within the guide, we demonstrate how Marshall Tufflex (RWKFB2) face-fit brackets can be fitted to align the replacement gutter in the right place to work effectively under the K2 roof. We also introduce the common components, to help you choose the parts you need.

Clips can weaken over time and rubber gasket seals perish, which results in joints that leak rainwater. Replacing them with these genuine K2 parts is a simple and low-cost solution to the most common cause of leaky guttering.

Be sure they fit - check sizes

There are many manufacturers that produce gutter with a scolloped edge, known as Ogee profile. Although they may look similar, they're not! These are for K2 only, please compare the sizes provided below to one of your existing clips.

If the glazing bar end caps on your roof show the K2 logo, then it's highly likely that the gutter is K2 also and these clips will fit.

For use on K2 only - not compatible with Marshall Tufflex Universal System Plus guttering of Wendland and Eurocell conservatories.

Technical Information

Clip Width 15mm
Clip Base Length 96mm
Clip Rear Height 90mm

Fitting the K2 Gutter Clip and Seal

The open ends of K2 gutter parts, such as unions and corners, feature a track into which the Rubber Seal locates. The gutter is then inserted in the open end, over the Rubber Seal and up to the recommended insertion point. The Clip can then be hooked over the rear of the gutter joint, in line with the Seal, and the front of the clip pulled over and onto the front of the gutter part to lock tightly in place

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