Our friends and manufacturer of Axgard Solid Polycarbonate Sheets, Clear Amber, have produced some technical information and brief instructional video to describe the best method for safe and accurate drilling of the Axgard sheets.

Cleaning a uPVC Conservatory

Conservatories need a little pampering, like the rest of us and making sure that you deliver that will keep your conservatory looking great and performing well.
Say goodbye to tired, leaky timber conservatory roofs, once and for all with durable and long-lasting screw-down cappings.
Polycarbonate roof sheets should be cleaned periodically to ensure that the sheets not only look good but continue to perform at their best.
Many people believe that conservatory gutters, like standard roof gutters, should be free from standing water and that any water seen inside the gutter signals a problem. This misconception leads many people to contact us to resolve a problem, which often does not exist.