Fix Leaking Timber Conservatory Roofs with Screw-Down Systems

We offer a range of components designed as a roof capping system to provide existing, leaking wooden roofs with an attractive, weather-tight seal and as a rafter gasket system for new-build timber conservatories.

Wooden conservatory roofs often rely on timber capping to seal and secure the roof glazing material on the wooden rafters. Like many traditional materials, wooden rafter capping can deteriorate over time and become unsightly and ineffective.

Screw-down glazing bars are designed to be both retro-fitted, as a replacement to existing timber caps, and also for new build timber roofs to provide an attractive, highly effective and long-lasting capping.

We sell two systems of screw-down bar for timber rafters, Sunwood Screw-Down and ALUKAP-XR Screw-Down. Both of these systems use an optional rubber base gasket to seat the glazing on, extruded aluminium capping with gaskets to secure and seal on top of glazing and an additional aluminium capping to cover any fixings.

The Sunwood and ALUKAP-XR screw-down conservatory roof bars are popular for carports, pergolas, lean-to's and also conservatories with a central ridge apex.

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