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Mila ProSecure Door Hinge Jig Drill Fixing Tool
Mila ProSecure Door Hinge Jig
ProSecure Hinge Jig by Mila (Complete jig tool) Faster positioning. More accurate drilling. Lightweight, easy-to-use jig for fast and accurate drilling of Mila ProSecure hybrid hinge fixing holes in frame and door. Exceptional design and...
£28.97 * £35.49 *
Mila ProSecure uPVC Door Flag Hinge
Mila ProSecure Flag Door Hinge
ProSecure uPVC Door Flag Hinge from Mila (Choice of colour, and rebate size) From box to fitted in just 58 seconds! Designed for fast and simple fitting, the ProSecure uPVC door flag hinge is also inherently strong, and reliably secure....
From £8.04 *
Yale 3D uPVC Door Flag Hinge Paddock Neon
Yale 3D Flag Door Hinge
Yale 3D Flag Hinge for uPVC Doors (Choice of colour and finish) Covered by lifetime security guarantee! Combines mechanical strength with striking aesthetics, and colour finishes to compliment any door. Highly adjustable and suitable for...
From £13.23 *
Yale Neon Butt Hinge uPVC Door Adjustable
Yale Neon uPVC Door Butt Hinge
Yale Neon uPVC Door Butt Hinge (Choice of edge profile and colour) Easily adjusted - with door fitted! Strong and durable, high quality cast zinc butt hinge for PVC-u doors. Holds up to 80kg per hinge, with each easily adjusted, without...
From £6.91 *
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