K2 Guttering Replacement Process

How to Replace the K2 Gutter System

This guide describes how to replace the obsolete K2 guttering with Marshall Tufflex Universal System Plus, an ogee system which has a scalloped front like K2 gutter, but provides a higher flowrate and is more watertight.


Identify components required (see guide overleaf) and order the parts online, or call us on 0161 339 4982. Having received your delivery, check all items against your order. If you have everything that you need, you can remove the existing gutter.

Fit the Replacement Brackets

  1. Position gutter bracket (RWKFB2) against eaves beam with bottom hole below the aluminium rail that original brackets clip to.
  2. Insert a galvanised steel self-drilling screw through the bottom hole and drill to fix in place.
  3. Ensure bracket is vertically aligned and secure with self-drilling screws through two remaining holes.
  4. Repeat the positioning and fixing of remaining brackets along the eaves beam; following the rail will help keep brackets aligned and gutter level.
  5. Construct runs of gutter for each side of the conservatory, with corners fitted to the front run.
  6. Fit runs of gutter, starting with those that lead from the house wall.
  7. Hang front edge of gutter over end of brackets, and pivot back edge up to clip onto bracket
  8. Once front run is fitted to brackets, clip corners to adjoining runs, attach downpipes, and you’ve done!

Additional Information

  • Brackets fitted every 600mm and within 100mm of joints, provide better support and more reliable seal.
  • Using self-drilling screws removes the need to mark and pre-drill fixing holes. If pre-drilling pilot holes, a bracket held in position can be used as a jig.
  • Marshall Tufflex joints include an effective gasket, so no need for silicone sealant.
  • We’re not aware of any solution for joining to box gutters that may sit between conservatory roof and house wall.

We've created this guide to replacing K2 conservatory guttering as a PDF download, which also helps identify the corresponding Marshall Tufflex Universal Plus gutter parts. The job of replacing the guttering isn't as daunting as it sounds, and will provide you with a system that is more durable and less prone to leaking than K2.

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