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Since it was first established in 1992 as Architectural Supplies Limited, Rapierstar's uniquely innovative, technologically advanced and keenly priced branded range of fastener solutions has come to dominate the UK fenestration fastener and fixing market.

In 2002 the Rapierstar branded range was introduced in the UK which, in turn, led to the development of other 'star' specialist ranges. In 2003 the StarTurn brand name became a UK registered trademark. To better identify the company with its new products, the company name changed in 2005 to Rapier Star Limited. In the same year, the 'Rapierstar' brand became a registered trademark throughout the EU and became the identity of the company.

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High quality flat-headed stainless steel ring-shanked nails
30mm Cladding Pins (250 Pack)
2mm x 30mm Cladding Pins (Box of 250) Strong and corrosion resistant! High quality flat-headed stainless steel ringshanked nails, also known as capping pins. Commonly used in the fixing of roofline material such as soffit and fascia...
£4.18 *
Rapierstar StarPVCU WSR Baypole Screw all sizes
4.8mm StarPVCU WSR Baypole Screws (200 Pack)
StarPVCU WSR Baypole Window Screws (4.8mm) (Choice of length. Box of 200) Quicker and longer-lasting frame fixings! Box of 200, high quality 4.8mm self-drilling screws with twin-threaded shank and wafer head. Manufactured by Rapierstar...
From £8.35 *
Rapierstar StarFix FFT Masonry Screw all sizes
7.5mm StarFix FFT Masonry Screws (100 Pack)
StarFix FFT Self-Tapping Masonry Screws (7.5mm) (Choice of length. Box of 100) Like plug or anchor fixings, but quicker and easier! Box of 100, self-tapping masonry screws for plug-free fixing to brick, concrete and stone. StarFix...
From £5.10 *
Polymer Plastic Headed Nails and Pins
Polymer Plastic Headed Nails and Pins
Polytop Nails and Pins by Rapierstar (Choice of size and head colour) Reliable fit and forget fixing! Stainless steel ring-shanked fixings with tough, colour-fast plastic head for securing of PVCu roofline products. Choice of pins for...
From £5.49 *
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