Polymer Plastic Headed Nails and Pins

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Polytop Nails and Pins by Rapierstar (Choice of size and head colour) Reliable fit and... more
Product information "Polymer Plastic Headed Nails and Pins"

Polytop Nails and Pins by Rapierstar

(Choice of size and head colour)

Reliable fit and forget fixing!

Stainless steel ring-shanked fixings with tough, colour-fast plastic head for securing of PVCu roofline products. Choice of pins for fixing lightweight material such as plastic soffit, and nails for securing uPVC capping cover board and fascia.

The polytop nails and pins have a marine grade A4/316 stainless steel shank that will not rust, so no fixing failure or unsightly staining. There is less chance of broken-top wastage during fitting also, because the head is made using extremely hard and rigid PA66 nylon. Use of high quality fixings, like StarNail and StarPin from Rapierstar, will eliminate the inconvenience and high cost of returning to the site to correct the problems caused by cheap fixings.

Features & Benefits

  • Weather and UV resistant - long-lasting looks and performance
  • High corrosion resistance - quality A4/316 stainless steel
  • Neat low-profile head - wide for hold strength, low for discretion
  • Maximum pull out resistance - full angular ring shank
  • Reduced wastage and time - no head failure during fitting
  • Popular colour choices - suits leading roofline suppliers

Although developed as a building product, we hear of many uses found for these versatile fixings: insulation and cladding to walls and ceilings, temporary sheeting, interior décor, acoustic panels, signage and banners, garden netting and trellising, and DIY projects. Sound like a must-have for any toolbox.

Did you know? Rapierstar StarNail and StarPin have incredible thermal stability with heads that won’t fade or become weakened by UV, and are resistant to chemicals.

In this listing you can buy...

Rapierstar StarPin logoRapierstar StarPin polyhead pin range

Stainless steel pin with 2.15mm shank and 6mm polymer head. Lengths of 30mm and 40mm, for use in fixing hollow soffit, and utility board.

Rapierstar StarNail logoRapierstar StarNail polyhead nail range

Stainless steel nail with 3.35mm shank and 12mm polymer head. Lengths of 50mm, and 65mm, for capping, and fascia board respectively.

Technical Information

Shank Diameter 2.15mm 3.35mm
Head Diameter 6.6mm 12mm
Length 30mm, 40mm 50m 65mm
Box Quantity 250 100
Material A4 / 316 Stainless Steel (shank), PA66 (head)
Drill Point Long Diamond Point
Thread Form Annular Ring Shank
Application Fixing of roofline materials to timber. Pins are ideal for soffit board, 50mm nails for capping board, and 60mm nails for fascia board.
Quality & Standards ASTM D 638, 790 & 256, ASTM D 3418, Maximum Delta E value 01.71

Colour Range

ColourColour NumberColour Name
White RAL 9016 Traffic White
Black RAL 9005 Jet Black
Brown RAL 8011 Nut Brown
Tan RAL 8001 Ochre Brown
Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
Chartwell Green BS 14C35 Chartwell Green


Product Strength
Tested to ASTM D 638, 790 & 256 for tensile and impact properties. lmpact Test - completed using a 0.73kg mass with an impact area of 22mm. Impact energy of 6.675N per meter.

Environment Resistance
Polymer head moulding grade PA66 resin ‘suitable for outdoor use with respect to exposure to Ultraviolet light’. 1000 hour accelerated testing (equivalent to 10 years exposure) in Northern European sunlight conditions. Water exposure and Immersion in accordance with UL 746C.

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