Marley / Ultraframe Classic Gutter System

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Marley Classic 116mm x 75mm Ogee Profile Gutter System (Available White, Brown, and Black)... more
Product information "Marley / Ultraframe Classic Gutter System"

Marley Classic 116mm x 75mm Ogee Profile Gutter System

(Available White, Brown, and Black)

As used on Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Roofs!

Component parts for Marley Classic high capacity ogee profile PVCu gutter system. Features decorative scalloped front that provides a traditional appearance on homes, small commercial property and Ultraframe conservatory roofs.

Features & Benefits

  • Decorative scolloped front - give traditional appearance
  • High capacity drainage - double the flow capacity of a half round
  • Can be fitted quickly and easily - simply clips together
  • Corrosion resistant and self-coloured - resistand to effects of sunlight
  • Supplied with any fixings - include securing clips and gasket seals
  • Quality you can trust - meets all relevant British Standards
  • Versatile fixing options - choice of fixing brackets available

Marley Classic is a robust, 116mm wide by 75mm deep, gutter of choice for Ultraframe Classic conservatory roofs, but is also popular for domestic and small to medium commercial properties.

Did you know? When fitted to Ultraframe conservatories, the gutter usually sits on the eaves beam, which makes standard outlets unsuitable. Therefore, if replacing outlets, check before ordering as you may need the 'Offset' versions that come out the side.

In this listing you can buy...

Gutter Union

Straight union for inline joint of gutter lengths and for connecting offset outlets to conservatory guttering.

Running Outlet

Fits between inline lengths of Marley Classic gutter lengths to provide a drainage outlet for downpipe.

90° Ext Corner

Outward facing right-angle corner joint for houses and Edwaridan style conservatory gutter.

135° Ext Corner

Angle joint for corners of standard victorian conservatories and 3-sided household bays.

150° Ext Corner

Corner joint for 5-facet bays and rounded appearance victorian conservatories with 6 hips bars .

90° Int Corner

Gutter joint for inward facing right-angle corners when projected roof returns across front of house.

135° Int Corner

Inward joint for returning typical victorian bay gutter across front of conservatory or house.

Gutter Stopend

Simply clips to the gutter opening to seal. Choose left or right when viewed from outside.

Stopend Outlet

Clips to lengths of gutter to seal ends and provide outlet. Left or right when viewed from outside.

Running Offset Outlet

Clips directly between two gutter lengths to provide outlet over the Ultraframe conservatory eaves beam.*

Stopend Offset Outlet

Clips directly to gutter to provide outlet and stopend over the Ultraframe conservatory eaves beam.*

Ext Corner Offset Outlet

Corner joint with outlet for outward facing right-angle corners of Ultraframe conservatories.

Fascia Bracket (External)

Face-fix bracket screws to household fascia board and wraps-around underside of gutter for secure fixing.

Fascia Bracket (Internal)

Screws directly to household fascia board and becomes concealed by the gutter that hangs from it.

Ultraframe (MGBC001)

Simply snap-fits onto the Ultraframe Classic conservatory eaves beam to support gutter.

* Unlike their original 'clip-less' predecessors, the new Running Offset Outlet and Stopend Offset Outlets fit directly to the gutter, without the need for an additional gasket and clip component (such as stopend, union or corner).

We no longer offer the original 'clipless' offset outlet parts, but oinly offer the new Running Offset Outlet and Stopend Offset Outlets, which fit directly onto the Marley gutter.

Technical information

The following provides information about the Marley Classic ogee profile guttering for houses and Ultraframe Classic conservatories.

Gutter Size (w x h x l) 116mm x 75mm x 4m or 6m
Component Size Please refer to picture diagrams for size of individual parts
Application Ultraframe Classic conservatory roofs, small to large houses, flats and small to medium commercial properties
Material PVCu plastic
Colour White Chocolate Brown (suits Rosewood or Mahogany frames), and Black
Quality and Standards BS EN 607: 1996 - Eaves gutters & fittings - PVCu. Definitions, requirements and testing.
BS EN 1462: 1997 - Gutter brackets. Classification, requirements & testing.
BS EN 12200-1: 2000 - Plastics rainwater piping systems for above ground external use - PVCu.
BS 4514: 1983 - Specification for PVCu, soil and ventilating pipes, fittings and accessories. Kite Mark licence No. 5265.
BS EN ISO 9001: 1997 - Quality systems. Model for Quality Assurance in Production, Installation and Servicing.
Fire Resistance Materials used are self extinguishing.

Flow Capacity

Outlet PositionRoof Area (m2)Drainage Capacity (litres/sec)
Outlet at one end 103 2.16
Outlet at one end with an angle within 2m of outlet 93 1.94
Outlet in the centre 216 4.55

From this we can see that a centre outlet almost doubles drainage so is more efficient and could mean less outlets required.

Fitting Advice

Fitting Marley Classic Guttering to Ultraframe Conservatory

The Marley Classic gutter attaches to the Ultraframe conservatory eaves beam (VAAA600 / VAA600H) by the use of concealed top-hung brackets (MGBA001 / MGBC001 (formerly MGBB001)), which are designed to snap-fit into place on the eaves and suspend the Marley Classic gutter over the eaves beams Under Gutter Trim (UGTB600).

Brackets should be fitted with a maximum of 750mm centres, and no more than 200mm from each corner or union. To fit the brackets, position the body of the bracket where you would like it to be on the eaves, hook over the lower rail and pivot the arm of the bracket upwards until the top of the body snaps into place.

Note that the screw fixing points on outlets and unions are not used when the gutter system is fitted to an Ultraframe conservatory.

Fitting Marley Classic Guttering to Traditional Fascia

Fitting to a standard house fascia would require the use of either the top hung concealed Internal Fascia Bracket, or the wrap-around External Fascia Bracket, which should be fitted with a maximum of 1m centres, and no more than 150mm from each corner or union. Marley Classic gutter should be fitted level without a fall.

Outlets and unions can be fixed directly to fascia using their screw fixing points.

More detailed information is available in the Ultraframe Classic Installation Guide and the Marley Rainwater Systems Installation Guide.

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