FloPlast Niagara Ogee 110mm Gutter

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Niagara Ogee 110mm Gutter Parts from FlowPlast (Choice of component and colour)... more
Product information "FloPlast Niagara Ogee 110mm Gutter"

Niagara Ogee 110mm Gutter Parts from FlowPlast

(Choice of component and colour)

Everything needed for Niagara guttering!

Gutter parts for the high capacity ogee profile FloPlast Niagara rainwater system. The attractive scalloped face offers a traditional appearance, with a smooth easy-clean surface, that looks great on any home.

The FlowPlast Niagara gutter parts and lengths, carry the British Standard Institute (BSI) Kitemark, and are manufactured using the best quality PVC-u, manufactured to BS EN 12200-1, and the system also proudly meets the requirements of BS EN 607, and BS EN 1462.

At 110mm wide and 80mm deep, the FloPlast Niagara gutter is an excellent choice for both old or new domestic and small commercial properties.

Features & Benefits

  • Traditional appearance - attractive scalloped face
  • High flow rate - double capacity of half round
  • Reliable water seal - pre-fitted gasket and clip
  • Improved aesthetics - concealed top-hung bracket option
  • Quick and easy fitting - parts just clip together
  • Choice of downpipe - square (65mm) or round (68mm/80mm)
  • 10 year guarantee - colour and performance you can trust

The FloPlast Niagara Ogee Gutter System

Floplast Niagra Ogee gutter and components

Did you know? For large roof areas, the Niagara ogee guttering can be fitted with an 80mm round downpipe, which will provide even greater flow rate.

In this listing you can buy...

Gutter Union

Picture of FloPlast Niagra Gutter Union

Straight union joint for inline connections of Niagara ogee gutter lengths over long spans.

External 90° Corner

Picture of FloPlast Niagra External 90° Corner

Outward facing right-angle corner joint for houses and Edwaridan style conservatory gutter.

External 135° Corner

Picture of FloPlast Niagra External 135° Corner

Angle joint for corners of standard Victorian conservatories and 3-sided household bays.

Internal 90° Corner

Picture of FloPlast Niagra Internal 90° Corner

Gutter joint for inward facing right-angle corners when projected roof returns across front of house.

Internal 135° Corner

Picture of FloPlast Niagra Internal 135° Corner

Inward joint for returning typical Victorian bay gutter across front of conservatory or house.

Running Outlet

Picture of FloPlast Niagra Running Outlet

Fits between inline lengths of Niagra ogee gutter to provide a drainage outlet for downpipe.


Niagra Stopend

Simply clips to the gutter opening to seal. Choose left or right when viewed from outside.

Internal Stopend

Niagra Internal Stopend

Fits into gasket and clip sockets to create a stopend on unions, corners and running outlets.

Stopend Outlet

Niagra Stopend Outlet

Clips to length of gutter to seal and provide outlet. Left or right when viewed from outside.

Fascia Bracket

Niagra Fascia Bracket

Screws to fascia board and wraps around underside of gutter for a strong, secure hold.

Fascia Bracket (Top Hung)

Niagra Fascia Bracket (Top Hung)

Concealed brackets support from above, offering cleaner finish to underside of gutter.

Gutter Clip

Gutter Clip

Wraps around unions, corners, stopends etc, to provide a strong watertight guttering joint.

Gutter Gasket

Niagra Gutter Gasket

Rubber seal for replacing perished gaskets on joints between FloPlast Niagra gutter lengths.

Technical Information

The following provides information about the FloPlast Niagara 110mm ogee gutter system.

Gutter Size (w x h x l) 110mm x 80mm x 4m
Component Size Please refer to picture diagrams for size of individual parts
Application Domestic rainwater system for homes, conservatories, and small commercial properties.
Material PVC-u (Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride)
Colour White, Black, Brown(suits Rosewood or Mahogany frames),and Anthracite Grey
Quality and Standards The FloPlast Niagara, Half Round and Square Line products are manufactured under a quality management system assessed and registered as meeting BS EN ISO 9001:2000, and carry the British Standard Institute (BSI) Kitemark (KM501316), having passed the requirements of: BS EN 607: 2004 (Gutters and fittings)
BS EN 12200-1:2000, BS EN 1329-1:2014 and BS 1453-1:2000 (Downpipes and fittings)
BS EN 1462: 2004 (Gutter brackets)
Fire Resistance FloPlast gutters, pipes and fittings are manufactured in PVC-U, which is not easily ignitable and will not support combustion.

Gutter Flow Rate

When planning rainwater guttering, be sure that the flow rate of the configuration exceeds the calculated runoff from the roof. We have created a How to Measure Roof Rainwater Runoff blog post that can help calculate the runoff for a standard mono-pitched roof.

End Outlet in Gutter

SystemDownpipeGutter LevelGutter with Fall (1:350)
Gutter Flow
Roof Area
Gutter Flow
Roof Area
Half Round 68mm Round 0.92 44 1.17 56
Square Line 65mm Square 1.7 81 2.00 96
Niagara65mm Square2.41152.90139

Centre Outlet in Gutter

From this we can see that a centre outlet almost doubles drainage so is more efficient and could mean less outlets required.

SystemDownpipeGutter LevelGutter with Fall (1:350)
Gutter Flow
Roof Area
Gutter Flow
Roof Area
Half Round 68mm Round 1.80 86 2.60 125
Square Line 65mm Square 3.41 163 3.95 189
Niagara65mm Square4.502165.30139

Fitting and Usage

The following is offered as a simple overview of fitting FloPlast gutter to a standard domestic fascia. For detailed advice, please refer to the step-by-step or detailed fitting instructions.

  • Plan the installation with gutter system and components based on the design and flowrate of your roof.
  • Position running outlet directly over the drain, and fit no more than 50mm below the level of the roof tiles.
  • Fit a bracket 100mm short of opposite end from outlet, and tie a plumb line to it, with the string from the top face of the bottom, where the gutter rests.
  • Stretch the plumb line and tie to the outlet, with the string on top face where the gutter rests.
  • Check that there is a fall towards the outlet of 1:350 to encourage efficient drainage.
  • Measure, mark and fix brackets along the fascia, using the plumb line for vertical position.
  • Maximum spacing of 1m for Half Round and Square Line, and 800mm for Niagara ogee.
  • Maximum spacing of 400mm in areas of heavy snowfall.
  • Fit no further than 150mm from any joints, such as unions, corners and stopends.
  • Use 25mm x 5mm roundhead brass or zinc screws to secure brackets.
  • Fit gutter lengths, starting from the outlet, then adding unions and other parts as you go.
  • Ensure gutter overlaps joints to the insertion marks stamped on gutter parts.
  • Fit parts to gutter ends before screwing part to fascia.
  • Fit gutter lengths back to front by tilting the back edge under the back clip, and snap in at the front.
  • Use of a lubricant, such as silicone grease, on gasket seals can ease fitting and improve performance.
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