Evolution Canopy Carport Kit (Anthracite Grey)

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Anthracite Grey Evolution Canopy Carport Kit (Choice of size and sheet tint) Supplied... more
Product information "Evolution Canopy Carport Kit (Anthracite Grey)"

Anthracite Grey Evolution Canopy Carport Kit

(Choice of size and sheet tint)

Supplied cut-to-size and ready to fit!

Anthcracite Grey (RAL 7016) powder-coated aluminium canopy roof kit, that's simple to order and easy to fit. It's sleek design with integrated gutter, and low price tag, make Evolution a carport and lean-to canopy favourite.

One of our favourite features of Evolution canopy is the integrated guttering system. The eaves beam, which supports the glazing bars at the low end, acts as a box gutter to collect rainwater from the roof, and transfer it into the support posts. The support post act as downpipes, and allows rainwater to exit through the post feet.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete system - includes all parts
  • Extruded aluminium - lightweight and strong
  • Powder-coated - highly durable finish
  • Bespoke size available - minimise work on site
  • Maintenance-free - no annual painting
  • Fixings included - bolts and sealants
  • 10 Year Guarantee - manufacturer's warranty

We calculate the required sheet width, number of glazing bars, and quantity of posts based on the roof size you order, and any customisation requests - so you don't have to. We supply enough posts to allow fitting at each end of eaves beam, with maximum space of 3m between posts. End posts can be positions upto 500mm in from eaves beam end.

CUT-TO-SIZE OPTION We can cut Evolution canopy roof to your required size, at no extra cost. Saving you time on site, and making this a true, ready-to-use canopy kit. Just order using the nearest pre-set width and projection, and then get in touch to pass on the exact dimensions.

Applications of Evolution Canopy

This highly versatile roof system is chosen by DIY and tradesmen, for domestic and commercial application. Here is just a sample of common uses: Car Ports, Covered Seating / Play Areas, Porches, Patio Canopies, Caravan Shelters, Cycle Shelters, Smoking Shelters, and Walkway Covers.

What you get in the Evolution Canopy Carport Kit

The kit includes everything, including fixings and sealants, for standard installations. Component parts include: 1. Wall Plate, 2. Eaves Beam, 3. Glazing Bars, 4. Sheet End Trim, 5. Support Posts and Feet, 6. End Caps, 7. 16mm Triplewall Polycarbonate Sheets, 8. Gutter Leaf Guard, 9. Fixings and Sealants, 10. Fitting Guide.

Sheet and bar lengths are based on the standard 5° pitch over the chosen projection. Be sure to notify us straight away if you would like to pitch at 10, 15 or 20 degrees instead.

Product Specification

Roof Width 2.5m to 10m (32.8"")
Roof Projection 1.6m to 4.1m (13ft 5in)
Roof Pitch 5° as standard (10°, 15° or 20° pitch on request)1
Eaves Height 2.4m (using standard Support Post)1
Support Post Length 2.25m (7ft 5in)
Frame Material Aluminium extrusion
Frame Finish Durable powder-coating
Frame Colour Anthracite grey (RAL 7016), white and brown available in separate listings.
Roof Sheet Type 16mm Triplewall polycarbonate sheets
Roof Sheet Tints Clear, Bronze, Opal2

1. Alternative roof pitch of 10°, 15° or 20°, and longer support posts, if a higher eaves height is required, should be requested immediately after placing order.
2. Choice of polycarbonate sheet tint depends largely on what is important to you. Things to consider include light, heat and appearance, as some people don't like the dark appearance of bronze, or the likelihood of seeing resting leaves and debris through clear. Consider that clear maximises use of available light, so can be handy when north facing. Clear and opal will utilise morning sun to build-up heat for the rest of the day. Bronze and opal reduces afternoon heat build-up under west facing roofs.

Fitting the Evolution Canopy Carport Kit

The following summarises the simple process, and the comprehensive Fitting Instructions supplied with kit will fill in any gaps.

  • Prepare the Eaves Beam - First fit and seal End Caps, then drill a hole in position with chosen Support Post for water outlet, and cover with Leaf Guard. Position Support Posts on underside of the Eaves Beam and screw fix to front and back face.
  • Fit the Wall Plate - Drill masonry fixing pilot holes through the Wall Plate, and apply a bead of silicone applied along the back, before it is raised to position and fixed using supplied masonry screws.
  • Fix a Gable Bar to left and right, between Wall Plate and free-standing Eaves Beam; using just one fixing on either end to allow later adjustment.
  • Fit a plastic Sheet End Closures centrally to either end of the 16mm Polycarbonate Sheets.
  • Fit first 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet into Gable Bar, and then fit a standard Glazing Bar to the opposite edge of the sheet, and engage in Wall Plate. Repeat this along the length, and temporarily remove the Gable Bar, to allow the last Glazing Bar to be fitted. Once all bars are fitted, the roof can be squared, so that the bars are 90° from the host wall, and the Eaves Beam is parallel with the Wall Plate. Once square, secure thoroughly with second fixing on each bar end.
  • Support Posts can now be secured to a concrete base with bolts through their feet. Gutter level can be achieved by raising or lowering the posts over the feet, and securing post and foot together with screws.
  • The Sheet End Closure can be sealed to roof sheet, with a bead of silicone on the leading edge. Sheet Edge Trim can now be positioned over the ends of the Glazing Bars, then screwed into place and sealed.

Tools required: Power Drill/Driver, HSS Drill Bits (3mm/7mm/8mm), Masonry Bits (6mm/8mm), Silicone Gun, Spirit level, Mallet, and Step Ladders.

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