360mm (14") Lead Flashing Roll (Code 4)

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  • MID-1780-1001
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14" Lead Flashing Roll for Roofing Lengths from 1m to 6m Highly versatile and durable... more
Product information "360mm (14") Lead Flashing Roll (Code 4)"

14" Lead Flashing Roll for Roofing

Lengths from 1m to 6m

Highly versatile and durable

360mm (14") wide roll of durable 1.8mm thick Code 4 lead from the industry leader. Perfect for a wide range of heavier roofing projects.

Code 4 lead is commonly used for applications such as vertical cladding, hip and ridge flashing, box and valley gutters, bay tops and canopies, apron and cover flashings, chimney flashings and more.

Lead is a highly durable natural material that can last over 100 years; much longer than other natural and synthetic alternatives. Saves money and create less wastage by ordering by the 1/2 metre!

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile and Lightweight - for soakers and flashing
  • Environmentally Friendly - 100% of lead used is recycled
  • Consistency and Quality - produced to BSEN12588: 1999
  • Responsibly Managed - helps you work to ISO 14001:2004
  • Quick Delivery - despatched on Next Day service
  • Sold by the Metre - less cost and less wastage

Midland Lead is produced to European Standard (BSEN12588: 1999) which regulates dimensional tolerances and governs the amount of permitted inclusions (copper, tin, antimony, etc) in the lead.

In accordance with EN Code Weights, Code 4 is rolled out to 1.8mm thickness (+/- 5% tolerance) to give a weight of 20.4Kg per square metre.

Did you know? We offer Code 3 and Code 4 lead in alternative widths. Take a look at our other listings for more informaiton.

CodeNominal Thickness (mm)Nominal Weight (Kg/m2)
Code 3 1.32 15
Code 4 1.8 20.4


ApplicationFlat to 10°
Pitch Roof
10° to 60°
Pitch Roof
60° to 80°
Pitch Roof
CladdingGutter LiningCladding
Fall Joint Spacing (max) 500mm 500mm 500mm - - -
Vertical Joint Spacing (max) - - - 500mm - -
Drip Distance (max) 1.5m 1.5m - - 1.5m -
Lap Distance (max) - - 1.5m 1.5m - -
Drip Height (min) - - - - 55mm -
Overall Girth (max) - - - - 750mm -
Max Length Piece 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m -

Coverage & Weight

WidthThicknessRoll LengthCoverageWeight
360mm (14") 1.8mm 1m 0.36m 7.34Kg
360mm (14") 1.8mm 2m 0.72m 14.69Kg
360mm (14") 1.8mm 3m 1.08m 22.03Kg
360mm (14") 1.8mm 4m 1.44m 29.38Kg
360mm (14") 1.8mm 5m 1.80m 36.72Kg
360mm (14") 1.8mm 6m 2.16m 44.06Kg

Handling Recommendations

Lead is a natural product which, when exposed to the air, can discolour due to oxidisation. To reduce this effect we recommend the use of Patination Oil, prior to installation.

Gloves should be worn when handling to protect from sharp edges. Hands should be washed thoroughly after contact.

Regular spaced expansion joints should be used to avoid any problems caused by expansion and contraction. Individual flashing pieces should not exceed 1.5m in length.

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