Chartwell Green Konig Kanten-Fix Plus Touch-Up Repair Pen

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  • KON-1665-1002
  • KO243 918/07
  • Large Letter
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Chartwell Green Window Touch-Up Scratch Repair Pen KO243 918/07 NEW Dab & Squeeze... more
Product information "Chartwell Green Konig Kanten-Fix Plus Touch-Up Repair Pen"

Chartwell Green Window Touch-Up Scratch Repair Pen

KO243 918/07

NEW Dab & Squeeze Technology!

Quick and even colouring of mitre grooves, corners and edges during PVCu window manufacture and touch-up of corners, cut marks and scratches in damaged Chartwell Green PVCu window profile and doors.

Innovative pen design features a springy pen tip which, when under light pressure, opens the new valve system to ensure uniform lacquer flow. The shape of the tip has changed too meaning you need only use one tip for all applications! So, you could colour a wide mitre groove and then fine corners and edges without having to change the pen tip.

Part of the innovative Fenster-Fix Premium pen range, the successor to Kanten-Fix Plus from industry leader Konig.

Features & Benefits

  • Colour quality - good lightfastness with high opacity coverage
  • Longer lasting - improved weather and plasticiser resistance
  • Consistent flow - prevents blotching of lacquer
  • Versatile tip - single tip shape - many applications
  • Wet-on-wet application - repeat lacquering without waiting to dry
  • Inside/Outside - can be used indoors or outside
  • Wipe/scratch resistant - acrylic-based pigmented covering lacquer
  • Rapid drying - touch dry after 2-5 mins
  • Easy to use - one tip design, so no swapping for thick and fine lacquering

Renolit/Cova Colour Matching

Following table shows Renolit/Cova foiled uPVC colour codes that are compatible with this pen.

Code (old code)NameProfile Colours
49246-101100 (49246-011) Chartwell Green  

Technical Information

Lightfastness Good
Weather Resistance Good
Processing Temperature 18-25C and 55-65% RH
Drying Time (approx) 1-2 mins - Dust dry
2-5 mins - Touch dry
Shelf Life 2 years+ *
Compatible Materials Good adhesion to many lacquer, plastic and metal surfaces**
After Care Can be varnished with all Konig touch-up and aerosol lacquers if desired.

* When stored at room temperature in original unopened container.
** Except to Soft-PVC. Limited PVC resistance (door and window gaskets).

Premium Window Pen is Easy to Use

  1. Preparation - Shake pen for approximately 30 seconds before use.The rattle of the agitator balls inside the pen should be clearly heard.
  2. De-aeration - Remove cap and hold pen with tip pointing upwards. Briefly press area marked 'P' to de-aerate pen. You may hear a jet of air leave the pen.
  3. Activation - Hold pen with tip pointing downwards and gently press area marked 'P'. Lacquer will slowly run into the tip. If necessary, slightly dab tip on a cloth to remove excess lacquer from the tip.
  4. Application - Touch down pen tip at a flat angle (about 45 degree) using light pressure. The valve opens and lacquer flows well-dosed and continuously. Avoid pressing 'P' during application as this may cause an uncontrollable lacquer flow.

Easy to use Konig scratch repair uPVC window touchup pen

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions are printed on each pen.

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