Rubber Bubble & Flipper Gasket

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Bubble & Flipper Compression Seals for Windows and Doors (Choice of type and length) Quick... more
Product information "Rubber Bubble & Flipper Gasket"

Bubble & Flipper Compression Seals for Windows and Doors

(Choice of type and length)

Quick and easy solution to draughty windows!

Creates a seal between opening windows, doors and their frames, to stop draughts, wind noise and water ingress. Bubble, Flipper and Bubble-Flip compression seals are really easy to replace; just pull out the old, and push in the new.

Replacing old and damaged window and door gaskets will create a tighter seal, which means your home is more comfortable and energy efficient.

Features & Benefits

  • Seals between an opening sash and frame
  • Stops water ingress, draughts and noise
  • Durable core strengthens and resists overstretch
  • Long-lasting UV stable and weather resistant
  • Replacing inefficient seals reduces energy bills
  • Fit easily without special tools or adhesive

Explanation of bubble and flipper gasket

Whilst bubble gaskets have a domed top with a profile that resembles a bubble, flipper gaskets instead feature a fin that runs the length of the gasket. Both work as seals when under compression between a frame and a closed window or door. Bubble-flip gaskets feature both characteristics, of bubble and flipper. These gaskets can become worn over time, but replacing them is quick and easy, the challenge can be getting the right gasket.

How to get the right gasket

Knowing the name of your window or door profile may help identify the gasket needed, as may comparing the following drawings to the profile of your existing gasket. Perhaps the most trusted method is to purchase a sample pack, and testing the samples in your actual gasket groove.

Window and Door Bubble and Flipper Gasket Replacement Seals

Did you know?  These are made from a Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) material, a blend of plastic and elastic polymer. So they're durable, thermally efficient, with a core of polypropelene (PP), or PVC nitrile, to resist overstretch and expansion.

In this listing, you can choose a specific Bubble, Flipper, or Bubble-Flip gasket type and length, or a Sample Pack, which includes a 150mm (6in) piece of each type with profile sheet.

Fitting and Maintenance

Fitting Bubble and Flipper Seals

First, remove the original seal and clear away any debris. Then working from top centre of the frame, push the seal into the gasket groove. Do so all the way round the frame until back where you started. Ensure that the seal is not stretched in the process of fitting, as it will shrink back over time and create gaps and ineffective seal.

Looking after your Bubble Seal and Flipper Seals

To aid during installation, many seals are coated in a non-hazardous lubricant, which can be removed with warm soapy water. Subsequent cleaning should be done with soapy water. Avoid the use of household solvents as they can degrade the seals.

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