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Replacement Gasket Seals for Smart Systems Bifold Doors (Choice of gasket type and length)... more
Product information "ExtrudaSeal Smart Bifold Door Gasket"

Replacement Gasket Seals for Smart Systems Bifold Doors

(Choice of gasket type and length)

Stops draughts, heat-loss and leaks, quickly and easily!

Replacement bubble, flipper, wedge and ’e’ gasket seals for sliding and folding bi-fold doors, including the Smart Visifold systems. Durable, high-quality material providing stretch and shrink resistance with long life performance.

Choice of gasket types includes bubble and flipper, for frame and sash use, plus wedge and ‘E’ gasket for sealing glazing within the sash.

Features & Benefits

      • Quick and easy fitting - simply push into groove
      • Smart system compatible - direct replacement
      • New and improved - refined design and material
      • Long life product - UV stability and anti-ageing
      • Lower energy bills - helps reduce heat loss
      • Low-cost solution - sold in various lengths
      • Comfortable home - stop draught, noise and leaks
      • Quality assurance - conforms to BS7412

Gasket may flatten over time or become damaged, and the rubber can become brittle, and shrink. All these things will affect the seal around the door, and likely lead to draughts, heat loss, water ingress and noise. Fitting new gasket is an easy, low-cost solution, that can seal your door like new, or even better, as some gaskets designs have been improved.

In this listing you can buy...

The following list summarises the bifold gaskets seals, for application and system compatibility, please see expanded tables under Technical Information.

PAE275 (ACDV272 Premium) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

PAE275 (ACDV272 Premium)

Premium sash/outer frame bubble gasket with zero-shrinkage nylon core.

AE272COR-ABC (ACDV275) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket


Set of four corner moulds (A, B, C, C) for use with PAE275 gasket on sash.

PAB633 (ACDV582) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

PAB633 (ACDV582 Premium)

Premium outer frame bubble gasket seal with zero-shrinkage nylon cord.

AB611 (VG52) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

AB611 (VG52)

Small square gasket seal for use in the parallel tracks around outer frame.

AF244 (ACDV244) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

AF244 (ACDV244)

Flipper gasket for outer frame, which creates seal against closed door sash.

AB268 (ACDV268) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

AB268 (ACDV268)

Outer frame bubble gasket offering enhanced weather performance seal.

AF032 (ACVL032) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

AF032 (ACVL032)

Rubber flipper gasket for the effective sealing of doors with rebated stiles.

AE131 (ACVG131) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

AE131 (ACVG131)

4mm E-type gasket for the external sealing of glazing in bifold door sash.

AE231 (ACVG231) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

AE231 (ACVG231)

Small 2mm E-type gasket for external sealing of bifold door sash glazing.

AE031 (ACVG31) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

AE031 (ACVG31)

3mm E-type gasket for the external sealing of glazing in bifold door sash.

AW033 (ACVG33) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

AW033 (ACVG33)

Small 4mm wedge gasket for sealing inside of bifold door sash glazing.

AW034 (ACVG34) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

AW034 (ACVG34)

5mm wedge gasket for the internal sealing of glazing in bifold door sash.

>1863 (ACVG340) Smart Bi-fold Door Gasket

1863 (ACVG340)

6mm wedge gasket for the internal sealing of glazing in bifold door sash.

Technical information

Gasket Application

Product CodeGasket TypeGasket LocationApplication
PAE275 Bubble Sash Perimeter, minus corners 1,2
Outer Frame Perimeter 1,2
AE272COR-ABC Bubble Sash Corners
PAB633 Bubble Outer Frame Threshold 1,2
AB611 Square Outer Frame Channel Infill (Track), minus threshold
AF244 Flipper Outer Frame Rebate 1,3
AB268 Bubble Outer Frame Rebate 1,3
AF032 Flipper Sash Stile Rebate
AE131 E (4mm) Sash Glazing (External)
AE231 E (2mm) Sash Glazing (External)
AE031 E (3mm) Sash Glazing (External)
AW033 Wedge (4mm) Sash Glazing (Internal)
AW034 Wedge (5mm) Sash Glazing (Internal)
1863 Wedge (6mm) Sash Glazing (Internal)
      1. Standard thresholds only. Low thresholds use/require a brushpile.
      2. PAB633 is often preferred to PA275 for use on threshold, as its crescent moon shape helps prevent gasket from being pulled out.
      3. AB268 is preferred to AF244 for enhanced weather performance, but can create too much friction for new installations.

Smart System Compatibility

Product CodeSmart CodeVisifold SystemGlazing Thickness
PAE275 ACDV272 Premium 1 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000  
AE272COR-ABC ACDV275-A/B/C 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000  
PAB633 ACDV582 Premium 1000, 2000, 6000  
AB611 VG52 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000  
AF244 ACDV244 1000, 2000, 6000  
AB268 ACDV268 1000, 2000, 6000  
AF032 ACVL032 1000, 2000, 3000  
AE131 ACVG131 1000 24mm, 32mm, 34mm
AE231 ACVG231 1000 38mm
AE031 ACVG31 1000 28mm, 34mm, 36mm
2000 28mm
3000 (inward opening) 24mm, 28mm
AW033 ACVG33 1000 34mm, 38mm
AW034 ACVG34 1000 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 36mm
2000 28mm
1863 ACVG340 1000 34mm
      1. Can be used in place of Smart ACDV202.


Product CodeMaterial
AB268 PVC Nitrile with semi-rigid Polypropylene (PP) core
PAB633, PAE275 PVC Nitrile with nylon core
AB611 PVC Nitrile
AE025, AE131, AE231, AF032, AF244, AW033, AW034 Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) with Polypropylene (PP) core

Fitting Advice

Fitting bi-fold door bubble and flipper gasket

Bubble and Flipper compression seals are really easy to replace; just pull out the old, and after clearing away any debris from the gasket groove, push in the new. You should typically start top centre, and work round the sash or frame, whilst taking care not to stretch the gasket. If fitting PAE275 bubble gasket to a sash, the semi-rigid AE272COR-ABC corner moulds should be used, with the bubble gasket cross cut between them.

Fitting bi-fold door wedge and ‘E’ glazing gasket

Wedge gasket seals are normally fitted in four pieces for each edge of the glazing, with mitred ends for a neater seal. Replace one piece at a time, so that the beading on the other side and the glazing remain secure. Lever out the end of existing seal, and then remove the rest by hand. Take care to not damage the frame. Cut replacement wedge gasket 5% longer than measured, to allow for any shrinkage over time. To fit, just position one end tight into the corner and push down between frame and glass/panel along its length to the opposite corner.

‘E’ Gaskets clip into the frame, so usually require removal of beading and sometimes also the glazing. If glazing combines Wedge and ‘E’ gasket, then removing the Wedge gasket first will ease removal of the beading. Long beads will flex more than short beads, so remove those first. A fairly stiff wallpaper scraper can be used; just position half way along the bead, between bead and frame, and lever off. The first bead can be difficult, but the remaining beads will be easier. Take great care to avoid breaking beads, as sourcing replacement can be difficult. When putting beads back, start with the shorter beads, and finish with the longer ones. A rubber hammer can be used to knock the beads back into place.

Please note that many modern frames have coextruded gaskets, which are welded to the frame or bead. Some are welded to an old profile, which still has the gasket groove. In such a case, a replacement gasket can be fitted to the unused groove.

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