greenteQ Orion 3* Euro Cylinder

GreenteQ Orion TS007 3 Star Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder
greenteQ Orion 3* Euro Cylinder
greenteQ Orion 3* Euro Cylinder
greenteQ Orion 3* Euro Cylinder
Screw fixings for brass greenteQ Orion TS007 3 Star Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder
Features of GreenteQ Orion TS007 3 Star Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder
Reasons to choose GreenteQ Orion TS007 3 Star Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder
Guarantee greenteQ Orion TS007 3 Star Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder
5 keys supplied with greenteQ Orion TS007 3 Star Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder
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greenteQ Orion TS007 Anti-Snap 3-Star Euro Cylinder (Polished Brass or Nickel, in choice of... more
Product information "greenteQ Orion 3* Euro Cylinder"

greenteQ Orion TS007 Anti-Snap 3-Star Euro Cylinder

(Polished Brass or Nickel, in choice of sizes)

Get 3-star door lock protection, for a 1-star price!

Premium quality anti-snap euro cylinder, offering maximum protection against lock snapping, bumping, and other common attack methods. The greenteQ Orion provides full TS007 3-star protection and peace of mind, without the need for special handles, or additional secondary security.

Features a sacrificial breakpoint, which releases the external side of the cylinder during a snap attack, leaving the cam protected, and engaging an interlocking mechanism that prevents further damage to the lock, and allows operation from the inside.

Features & Benefits

  • TS007 Kitemark - highest level 3-star intruder resistance
  • Anti-Pick, Bump and Rake - four spool driver pins
  • Anti-Snap and Extraction - sacrificial cut and hardened steel bridge
  • Anti-Plug Pull - series of cuts fight against plug pulling
  • Anti-Drill - hardened steel rods and driver pins
  • Remains Operational - lock works internally after attack
  • Visual Deterrent - stamped with 3-star rating and kitemark
  • Easy Operation - horizontal keyway using reversible dimple key
  • High Key Security - 100,000 differs and Key Security Scheme
  • 10 Year Guarantee - performance and security guarantee

This double cylinder (key operated at both ends) is also available with thumbturn convenience on the inside, and as keyed-alike pairs.

Why choose greenteQ Orion

This cylinder has been tested by BSI, and awarded the British Kitemarked TS007-1:2014+A2:2018 3-star accreditation. The TS007 security standard is characterised by a star rating, and it is recommended that external doors achieve a 3-star rating. A 3-star rating can be achieved by combining a 1-star cylinder with a 2-star handle, or by using a 3-star cylinder, like the greenteQ Orion.

Security features of greenteQ Orion Anti-Snap TS007 3* Euro Cylinder

Did you know? We supply 5 keys with single cylinders, and 6 keys with keyed-alike pairs. Each key is stamped with a key code, which can be used when purchasing extra keys. Register your cylinder online within 28 days of purchase, will validate your proteQ10 security guarantee and activate the Key Security scheme, which prevents unauthorised duplication of keys. The manufacturer is so confident in Orion's 3-star security capability, that they offer it with their 10 year proteQ10 security guarantee, which offers £2,000* compensation if a break in occurs as a direct result of the cylinder snapping at the fixing point. The cylinder also comes with the Q-secure PREMIUM guarantee, pays up to £8,000 to homeowners in the event of a break due to hardware failure.

What you get with the Orion TS007 3-Star Euro Cylinder

The Orion Double Euro Cylinder from greenteQ, is supplied with 5 x dimple keys, 2 x fixing screw options, of 50mm and 60mm in length, proteQ10 guarantee card (once registered), and information leaflet.

Technical Information

Sizes 35/35 (70mm), 35/40 (75mm), 35/45 (80mm), 35/50 (85mm), 35/55 (90mm), 35/60 (95mm), 40/35 (75mm), 40/40 (80mm), 40/45 (85mm), 40/50 (90mm), 40/55 (95mm), 40/60 (100mm), 45/35 (80mm), 45/40 (85mm), 45/45 (90mm), 45/50 (95mm), 45/55 (100mm), 50/35 (85mm), 50/40 (90mm), 50/45 (95mm), 50/50 (100mm), 55/35 (90mm), 55/40 (95mm)
Finish Polished Brass or Nickel
Keys Supplied with 5 high security flat dimple keys. Extra keys can be purchased separately using code imprinted on key.
Security Features Anti-Snap, Anti-Bump, Anti-Drill, Anti-Pick, Anti-Extraction
Operation Key operated both ends.
Standards and Accreditations TS007-1:2014+A2:2018 - complies with TS007 guidelines.
Guarantee 10 year performance warranty, and 10 year proteQ10 security guarantee is offered by the manufacturer.

*Register your cylinder online within 28 days of purchase to validate your proteQ10 security guarantee.

Getting the correct cylinder size

The greenteQ Orion has full 3-star security on one end of the cylinder, and it is this hardened end that must be used on the outside. Measuring and ordering correctly is therefore very important.

When ordering, you should provide the internal measurement first. If the cylinder measures 35mm from centre of screw hole (under cam space) to the end inside property, and 45mm from centre of screw hole to end outside property, then you should order 35/45 (80mm).

How to measure greenteQ Orion high security anti-snap euro cylinder size

Removing existing euro cylinder

  • Put your key in the cylinder and open the door.
  • Remove cylinder fixing screw from the door. The screw can be located on door edge, in line with the bottom of the cylinder.
  • Whilst slowly turning the key, apply pressure to opposite end of cylinder. As you do this, the cam will begin to line up with the lock mechanism, and can be pulled out. The key usually needs to be turned approximately 25 degrees clockwise, or anti-clockwise.

Fitting replacement euro cylinder

  • Insert key into cylinder and turn until revolving cam lines up with cylinder body.
  • Guide cylinder through the door, and ensure that the end labelled ‘EXT’ faces outside.
  • Push fixing screw through hole on door edge, and screw to secure the cylinder. Be careful not to over tighten.
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