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High Security Thumbturn Cylinder Lock from Yale (Choice of finish, size and extra keys)... more
Product information "Yale Superior Thumbturn Euro Cylinder"

High Security Thumbturn Cylinder Lock from Yale

(Choice of finish, size and extra keys)

High security outside - thumbturn convenience inside!

High security key operation on the outside and just twist of the thumbturn on the inside. Protects against Lock Snapping, Lock Bumping, Lock Picking, Plug Pulling, Lock Extraction and Lock Drilling. Guaranteed TS007 1 Star security from a name you can trust.


Thumbturn cylinders provide convenient locking and unlocking on the inside, without the need to have keys at hand. Great for regulary used doors that require locking.

Manufactured to British Standard (EN 1303: 2005), this is a cylinder that you can trust. Whatsmore, it is manufactured by Yale, the worlds most trusted brand and comes with a 10 year mechanical guarantee. Ideal high security upgrade for home or workplace.

Features & Benefits

  • Thumbturn Convenience - just twist knob from inside to lock and unlock
  • Snap Protection - sacrificial cuts and hardened steel bar
  • Anti-Pick Defence - includes four anti-pick pins at each end
  • Anti-Bump Resistance - uses 'V-Pins' to resist lock-bumping
  • Anti-Drill Shielding - possesses anti-drill pins and balls
  • Anti-Extraction Security - resistance to plug and cylinder pull
  • High Security Key - combines dimples and groove with 100,000 differs
  • Superior Strength - solid construction with hardened steel bar
  • British Standard Kitemark - assurance of quality and peace of mind
  • 10 Year Guarantee - long mechanical guarantee

Exploded diagram of Yale Superior Euro Cylinder

The above image shows a double cylinder instead of a thumbturn but security features are the same.

Why have a High Security Euro Cylinder

Most uPVC and composite doors are fitted with a cylinder lock with revolving cam. Turning the key revolves the cam, which engages the doors locking mechanism. The design has inherent weaknesses but a high security cylinder, like Yale Superior, can protect against them. Three reasons to buy a high security euro profile cylinder:

  • Protect your property - high security cylinders are a physical and visual deterrent
  • Insurance compliance - failure to use an Insurance Approved cylinder could invalidate an insurance policy
  • Peace of mind - trusting a high security lock means you can rest easy at night

EXTRA KEYS - 3 keys are provided with single cylinders and 6 keys with keyed-alike pairs as standard. Additional keys, which are cut using genuine Yale blanks, can be ordered with the cylinder.

Technical Information

Sizes From 30/30 (60mm overall) to 50/50 (100mm)

Sizes provided are for the lock and do not include the thumbturn, which projects 28mm.

Finish Polished Brass or Nickel
Keys 3 supplied with key code (extra keys available)
Security Features Anti-Snap, Anti-Bump, Anti-Drill, Anti-Pick, Anti-Plug Pull
Standards and Accreditations TS007: 2012 KM559658 - 1 Star kitemarked high security euro cylinder
Secured by Design - Official Police Security Initiative
BS EN 1303:2005 4.9.1 - Resistance to drilling
BS EN 1303:2005 4.9.5 - Plug/cylinder torque resistance

What size do you need?

To determine the size cylinder you must remove the existing cylinder.

Removing existing cylinder

  1. Open the door and put your key in the lock (or grab the thumbturn knob)
  2. Remove the screw which is beneath the latch.
  3. Turn the key/knob while apply pressure to the opposite end of the cylinder. As you do so the cam will line up with the rest of the lock and you will be able to slide the cylinder out towards yourself. The key usually needs to be turned approximately 25° clockwise or anti-clockwise.

You can now measure the original cylinder.

Measuring the existing cylinder

Exploded diagram of Yale Superior Thumbturn Euro Cylinder

Operation: Thumbturn (Key/Twist)
Protection: Anti-Bump, Anti-Drill, Anti-Extraction, Anti-Pick, Snap Defence
Key Type: Dimple & Groove
Finish: Brass, Nickel
Security Rating: BS EN1303, BS EN1303:2005 16010C52*, Secured by Design Approved, TS007 1*
Guarantee: 10 Years
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