Yale Platinum 3 Star Thumbturn Euro Cylinder

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Anti-Snap TS2007 Thumbturn Cylinder by Yale Brass or Nickel, Many Sizes, 3 Keys (extra... more
Product information "Yale Platinum 3 Star Thumbturn Euro Cylinder"

Anti-Snap TS2007 Thumbturn Cylinder by Yale

Brass or Nickel, Many Sizes, 3 Keys (extra available)

Get 3* security with thumb turn convenience!


High security TS007:2014 3 Star euro cylinder with key operation on outside and just twist of the thumbturn inside. Protects against Lock Snapping, Lock Bumping, Lock Picking, Lock Drilling, Extraction and more.

Thumbturn cylinders provide convenient locking and unlocking without the need to have keys at hand. Great for regulary used doors.

Manufactured by Yale, the worlds most trusted brand, our latest security cylinder comes with a unique 10 year guarantee; further proof that this is the lock to choose when securing your home or workplace.

This double cylinder (key operated at both ends) is also available with convenience of a thumbturn on the inside.

Features & Benefits

  • Thumbturn Convenience - just twist knob from inside to lock and unlock
  • TS007:2014 3 Star approved - highest current rating
  • Anti-Snap - sacrificial section leaves cylinder intact
  • Anti-Bump/Anti-Pick - side pins and multiple shear-line
  • Anti-Drill - undeniable hardened steel resistance
  • Anti-Screw - resists screw attack and extraction
  • Toughened Central Bridge - unparalleled inner strength
  • High Key Security - dimples and groove with 100,000 differs
  • Secured by Design - seal of approval
  • BSI KM559658 and BSEN1303:2005 - accreditation to be proud of
  • 10 Year Guarantee - buy with confidence

Why choose the NEW Yale Platinum

The Yale Platinum 3 Star euro cylinder (successor to Yale AS Platinum) provides superior stength against known attack methods. Tested by BSI, it has been awarded the British Kitemarked TS2007:2014 3 star accreditation, which is identified on the face of the cylinder as an effective visual deterrent.

Exploded diagram of Yale Platinum 3 Star Anti-Snap Thumbturn Euro Cylinder

It's not just the technological advances within the cylinder that make the Yale Platinum a great choice, key security has also been improved. The high security dimple cut flat key is reversible meaning that it's easier to use and extra keys can be ordered using a key code on the ID tag supplied.

The TS007 security standard is characterised by a 3 star rating, which can be achieved by combining a 1 star cylinder with a 2 star door furniture or using a stand alone 3 star cylinder, like this Platinum cylinder.

EXTRA KEYS - 3 keys are provided with single cylinders and 6 keys with keyed-alike pairs as standard. Additional keys, which are cut using genuine Yale blanks, can be ordered with the cylinder. Please note that extra keys are a nonrefundable bespoke service.

What you get

Each Yale Platinum cylinder is supplied with 3 x dimple and groove keys with key code card and a fixing screw.

Technical Information

Sizes (thumb side/key side) 35/35, 35/45, 35/55, 40/40, 40/50, 40/55, 45/35, 45/45, 50/40, 50/50, 55/35, 55/40
Finish Polished Brass or Nickel
Keys 3 supplied with key code (extra keys available)
Security Features Anti-Snap, Anti-Bump, Anti-Drill, Anti-Pick, Anti-Plug Pull
Standards and Accreditations TS007:2014 KM559658 - 3 Star kitemarked high security euro cylinder
Secured by Design - Official Police Security Initiative
BS EN 1303:2005 4.9.1 - Resistance to drilling
BS EN 1303:2005 4.9.5 - Plug/cylinder torque resistance

What size do you need?

These cylinders have hardened security on the outside and can only be used one way, so be sure to measure correctly.

When ordering, you should provide the internal measurement first (the side with the knob if ordering a thumbturn). If the cylinder measures 35mm from centre of screw hole (under cam space) to the end with thumbturn and 45mm from centre of screw hole to end with key, then you should order 35 (Thumb) / 45 (Key).

Exploded diagram of Yale Superior Thumbturn Euro Cylinder

Removing existing cylinder

  1. Put your key in the lock and open the door.
  2. Remove the screw from edge, beneath the latch.
  3. Turn key while apply pressure to opposite end of cylinder. As you do the cam will line up with the lock and can be pulled out. The key usually needs to be turned approximately 25 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Fitting the Yale Platinum thumbturn euro cylinder

  1. Due to security features on cylinder, you will first need to remove door handles.
  2. Remove thumbturn knob from cylinder using an allen key (HEX 2mm).
  3. Insert key into external side of cylinder and turn until revolving cam lines up with cylinder body.
  4. Guide cylinder into position from outside, so that door and cylinder fixing holes line up.
  5. Secure the cylinder with fixing screw provided, while being careful not to over tighten.
  6. Re-fit door handles and then finally replace the thumbturn knob.
Operation: Thumbturn (Key/Twist)
Protection: Anti-Bump, Anti-Drill, Anti-Extraction, Anti-Pick, Anti-Snap
Key Type: Dimple & Groove
Finish: Brass, Nickel
Security Rating: BS EN1303, BS EN1303:2005 16010C52, Secured by Design Approved, TS007 3*
Guarantee: 10 Years
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Customer review for "Yale Platinum 3 Star Thumbturn Euro Cylinder"
18 Feb 2023

Great lock

Don’t know why anyone would take 2 hours to fit this. I’m a 28 year old woman with very thin DIY experience and it took me 10 minutes max.

12 Nov 2021

Great Service. Great lock.

Great service. Great lock. Took me 10 minutes to fit the lock. God knows why it took someone 2 hours!! Now the only drawback was the extra key that i purchased. The extra key's a nightmare. We have to keep pushing & pulling the key back & forth for it to work. Not very good at all. We've stopped using it. Have to see if i can get one cut locally.

8 Sep 2021

bought two for both my rear doors and both locks now perfect

does what it says on the tin. 3 stars security and snap protection.

18 Feb 2021

Easy to fit when I followed the instructions!

Remove the handle and fit from the outside. It slotted in fine. Remember you can't test it with the door open. The only problem was that I couldn't get the thumbturn ones with matching keys.

7 Sep 2019

Great lock but installation was tricky!

I always buy Yale locks for my property and have never had any problems. Good locks, high security and normally easy to install.
However, it's worth point out two things about this lock before you buy
1. You must insert the external side first - this means taking off the thumb key with an allen key (not supplied)
2. There are two security bumps on the outside of the lock. I'm pretty sure they are there to prevent the lock being pushed through the hole with a hammer but it makes it a nightmare to fit. Essentially you'll need to use a round metal file to take a little more door off around where these bumps travel through the hole. Though I ended up using a drill because it was a pretty strong metal around the hole.

I eventually got it in - but the job took me 2 hours rather than 20 minutes! (Though I'm sure its much more secure than a normal lock I hasten to add)

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