EasyVerge U Dry Verge Unit

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EasyVerge U Dry Verge Unit (Available in Grey, Brown,... more
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EasyVerge U Dry Verge Unit

(Available in Grey, Brown, Terracotta and Black)

No nonsense - one units does left or right!

High quality, UV stable plastic dry verge units that can be used either way round, so no need for separate left and right units. Installs quickly and easy with almost any tile type.

Mortar-free, maintenance-free method of securing almost any tile type along roof verge. Unique design combines ease of installation with exceptional holding, so tiles are held firmly in place and not vulnerable to wind dislodgement.

Features & Benefits

  • Universally handed - no need for left and right units
  • Quick fit design - 36 units in under 5 minutes
  • Versatile - fit to any type of roof tile
  • High compression - roof tiles held firm in strong winds
  • Zero maintenance - years of mortar free protection
  • High quality - tough and UV stable plastic
  • Mortar-free - eaves remains protected but well ventilated

Technical Information

Colour Grey, Brown, Terracotta or Black
Material PVC-u
Length 410mm
Height 168mm
Depth 50mm
Tile Compatibility EasyVerge U Dry Verge Units are compatible with most makes and profiles of interlocking tiles.
Batten Gauge 290mm – 345mm
Roof Pitch 15° to 45°

Quick and Easy Fitting

The unique design of Easy Verge U means that it can be fitted extremely quickly. In fact, this video demo shows that it's possible to fit a whole gable end of 36 units in under 5 minutes!

Basic Procedure

  1. Fit optional Starter to low end of verge
  2. Position Unit over Starter with top flap over first tile
  3. Push upwards to engage with Starter and trap flap under overlapping tile
  4. Fix in place through a pre-drilled fixing hole with ring shank nails
  5. Hook next Unit under previous and pull top flap up and over
  6. Push Unit upwards engaging with previous and align with tile
  7. Nail the Unit in place and repeat for remaining units

* The above fitting notes are intended as a guide, not comprehensive instructions.

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