Ultraframe Gable End Conservatory Ridge Kit

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Ridge Capping for Gable Ended Conservatory Choice of Length, Colour and Feature Made... more
Product information "Ultraframe Gable End Conservatory Ridge Kit"
Ultraframe Gable End Conservatory Ridge Kit

Ridge Capping for Gable Ended Conservatory

Choice of Length, Colour and Feature

Made by industry leader Ultraframe!

Complete gable-ended conservatory ridge capping, offering long-life performance with great resistance to UV discolouration.

Highly effective solution for sealing leaking ridges of uPVC or timber conservatory roofs. Part of the Ultraframe Classic roof system, this kit is a natural replacement product for ridge of Ultraframe Classic roof. Can be used effectively as capping for timber and other uPVC roof systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Universal Fitting - can fit timber and PVC-u roofs
  • Greater Coverage - deeper, wider capping
  • Long-life Performance - strong PVC-u moulding
  • Attractive Finish - smooth, medium sheen finish
  • Stable PVC-u - high resistance to discolouration
  • Low Maintenance - easy to clean, even the cresting!
  • Gable End Fixings - fabricated Locating Studs and pre-drilled ridge Stud Holes
  • Fixings Supplied - includes Ultraframe Ridge Bolts and screws
  • High Quality Parts - approved by the BBA
  • BOCA Approved - part of Ultraframe's approved roof system

The ridge is the lynch pin of a roof, so it deserves the best. This Gable End Ridge Kit uses parts approved by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) and which form part of Ultraframes BOCA approved Classic conservatory roof system. So you know you are buying parts that have been well manufactured with quality materials. This attention to detail goes as far as the use of special resins and stabilizers in the production of the uPVC that help to protect against discolouration caused by UV light from the Sun.

PLEASE NOTE Lengths over 3m are supplied as two sections with a Ridge Top Cap Inline Jointer to seal the underside of the abutting sections.

Technical Information

Material PVC-u (Gable End Capping)
uPVC (Ridge Top Capping)
Capping Colours White, Chocolate Brown and Caramel (Medium Sheen)
Gable End Capping Size Width: 180mm
Height: 224mm
Length: 130mm
Ridge Top Capping Size External Sizes
Width: 178mm
Height: 100mm (inc. Cresting Channel)
Length: 2m, 2.5m, 3m and 4m

Internal Sizes (see illustration above)
Body Width: 110mm
Skirt Width: 166mm
Height: 75mm
Kit Contents
  • Ridge Top Capping (KCP 600/1)
  • Cresting & Finial - Low-Profile Cover (FUD 001 and CUD 600) or Pikestaff & Renaissance (PSF 004 and CCE 100)
  • Gable End Cap
  • Ridge Flashing Trim (KFT 001)
  • Ridge and Radius End Fixing Kit (Ridge T Bolts (KTBA 001/1) with Tommy Bars and Fixing Wedges (KTBA 001/2), Wood Screws & Plastic Washers, Starloc Washers (SCRA 004) and Ridge Flashing Trim screw)

Fitting the Gable End Ridge Kit

Tips for fitting an Ultraframe Gable End Ridge

Fitting the Gable End Ridge Kit is fairly straight forward and requires just a small selection of basic tools. However, as with any work carried out at a height, great care should be taken.

The roof should be prepared first with flashing applied, if required. The ridge is then prepared, which includes cutting the Ridge Top Capping to length and fixing to the Gable End Capping and Ridge Flashing Trim. The complete assembly is then offered up to the roof and secured with either the supplied Ridge T Bolts or screws.

The Gable End Ridge Kit includes a Fitting Guide that provides some helpful pointers to help you assemble and fit the ridge.

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