Sunwood Screw-Down 50mm Main Glazing Bar

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50mm Main Glazing Bar from Sunwood (Choice of colour and length) Screw-Down Rafter... more
Product information "Sunwood Screw-Down 50mm Main Glazing Bar"

50mm Main Glazing Bar from Sunwood

(Choice of colour and length)

Screw-Down Rafter Gasket with Aluminium Cap

Part of the high quality, maintenance-free, Sunwood Timber Glazing System. Attractive and strong aluminium extrusion with tough powder-coated finish and long-lasting EPDM rubber gaskets.

Retro-fitted to 2" rafters on existing 5-40° pitched timber roofs, the 50mm Rafter Main Bar and other Sunwood components can encase and seal problem leak areas while also breathing a new lease of life into the roof. Sunwood is equally effective on new instalations too, offering an attractive, low-maintenance, long-life capping solution.

Sunwood Screw-Down 50mm Rafter Main Bar Dimensions

This Screw-Down rafter bar includes powder-coated aluminium 50mm Rafter Main Bar Top Cap with detachable Cover Cap to conseal and protect fixings. Rafter Main Bar incorporates integrated High Side EPDM Rubber Gasket for water-tight seal against top side of glazing and a separate EPDM Base Gasket (with removable central pip) that is fixed to timber rafter to act as a seat and seal on underside of glazing.

Features & Benefits

  • Any Glazing - use with glass or polycarbonate of any thickness
  • High Side EPDM Gaskets - compreses onto glazing for weather-proof seal
  • EPDM Base Gasket - acts as a seat and seal for glazing
  • Removable Central Pip - use with grooved or non-grooved rafters
  • Strong and lightweight - quality aluminium extrusion
  • Quality Powder-Coating - durable, consistent finish
  • Flexible System - fits many roof designs and sizes
  • Fully-Serviceable - Sunwood components can be easily removed if required
  • Maintenance-Free - no annual painting required
  • Designed to Integrate - neatly fits other Sunwood products
  • Easy-Fit System - designed to ease installation
  • 5 Year Guarantee - long product guarantee

Technical Information

Finishes Powder-coated White or Brown
Material Aluminium extrusion (Main Bar Top Cap and Cover Cap)
EPDM rubber (High Side Gaskets and Base Gasket)
Top Cap Width 50mm
Top Cap Height 12.73mm (excl. High Side Gasket)
Base Gasket Width 50mm
Base Gasket Height 8mm (uncompressed and including pip)
Available Lengths 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m

Fitting the Sunwood Screw-Down 50mm Rafter Main Bar

Base Gaskets should be fitted to timber rafter. If timbers do not have a 3mm groove, then the central Pip that runs down the underside of the Base Gasket can be removed. Base Gasket should be cut to a length that allows it to over hand the gutter and fixed to the rafter with staples or similar. End Caps should be fitted and Main Bars cut to length. Main Bars can then be screwed down at 300mm intervals onto the timber rafters to form a nice tight seal of High Side EPDM Gasket onto the roof material. It is vital that the Main Bar Top Cap sits on the Sunwood Ridge's Flipper Seal and that the Main Bar Cover Cap is fitted and is covered by the Ridge. The Cover Cap is easy to fit using the two cover cap locators that run parallel down the length of the Main Bar - just hook the Cover Cap over one cover cap locators and pivot down onto other for a tigh snap fit.

The above is a summary only and not intended as comprehensive fitting instructions.

Roof Structure: Timber Supported
Style: Sunwood Screw-Down
Base Material: Rubber
Capping Material: Aluminium
Glazing Compatibility: Glass (Single Pane), Glass (Double-Glazed), Polycarbonate/Acrylic (Solid), Polycarbonate (Multiwall)
Glazing Thickness: 10mm, 16mm, 24/25mm, 32mm, 35mm, Any
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