25mm Polycarbonate End Closure

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End Closure for 25mm Polycarbonate Sheets (White, Brown or Anthracite Grey) Seal and... more
Product information "25mm Polycarbonate End Closure"

End Closure for 25mm Polycarbonate Sheets

(White, Brown or Anthracite Grey)

Seal and protect the ends of your polycarbonate sheets and glass units

Also known as "U" Drips, Poly End Covers and End Profile Trims, these End Closures are designed to protect ends and form a tight seal to the top of polycarbonate sheeting using it's flexible, co-extruded gasket.

End closures are typically fitted to the gutter-end of pitched roofs, such as those of a conservatory, or to both ends of a free-standing roof. Provides decorative protection to the vulnerable ends of polycarbonate sheeting.

Features & Benefits

  • Seals open end of polycarbonate sheet
  • Helps prevent dust and insects entering the sheet
  • No need to use silicone to seal the end closure
  • Co-extruded gasket stops water penetration from above
  • Protects vented anti-dust breather tape
  • Prevents UV light breaking down the glass units seal
  • Drip design prevents water from being blown back towards the roof
  • Drainage holes reduce condensation and moisture

Extend the life of your roof

With three sides protected by glazing bars and ridge capings, the gutter end is often the only edge of polycarbonate sheets that are exposed. When left exposed, the breather tape that is applied to the open fluted ends of the sheets become wet and deteriate. This leads to failure of the tape and the sheets flutes suffering condensation, algae build-up and insect penetration. Fitting End Closures helps stop this from happening.

These End Closures are designed with a 3mm 'drip' on the front edge, to stop water running back towards the roofing material and drainage holes to ventilate and release any water that gets into the end closure.

Glass units are also protected by end closures. Even though the glass roof units are sealed they can still be damaged by the elements - UV light can break down the seal and cause the unit to fail.

Technical Information

Finishes White, Chocolate Brown or Anthracite Grey
Material PVC-u
Glazing Thickness 25mm
Length 2.1m (White and Brown), 2.5m (Anthracite Grey)
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