Xpert 8" Vacuum Glass Suction Lifter

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Professional 8" Vacuum Glass Lifter (Choice of pack size) Incredible 100kg single cup... more
Product information "Xpert 8" Vacuum Glass Suction Lifter"

Professional 8" Vacuum Glass Lifter

(Choice of pack size)

Incredible 100kg single cup lifting capacity!

Durable, metal-bodied single 8" cup glass sucker with incredible 100kg carrying capacity! Easy to use vacuum attachement with quick suction release.

Simply place suction plate on surface, grip handle and pump button with thumb to extract air. Convenient red line marker on plunger button can be used to recognise when when air extracted and ready for use. A sprung valve release lever on the other end of handle is used to release suction.

Features & Benefits

  • Capable of carrying up to 100kg
  • Easy-to-use pump action suction
  • Red line marker signifies suction
  • Simple valve release lever
  • Complete with carry case

Suction lifters are a favourite tool of the window and conservatory fitting industry as they make the carrying of glass, doors and windows easier and safer. Glass isn’t the only material they can be used, in fact they are also useful for some wood, laminated surfaces and metals, so the usage of them is wide spread – you can even use them to pull out dents from body work.

This vacuum suction lifter is capable of lifting up to 100kg when fitted to a horizont or vertical surface. Use on any smooth and nonporous surface.

Technical Information

Pad Size (diameter) 203mm
Material Aluminium (body), Rubber (cup)
Maximum Lifting Capacity 100kg (fitted horizontally or vertically)
Attachement Method Vacuum plunger
Detachment Method Valve release lever

Fitting and Usage

Using the 8" Vacuum Glass Lifter

  • Position the glass lifter on the object to be lifted and ensure that the plunger will be visible during use.
  • Use your thumb to pump the plunger until the red line is hidden, which signifies sufficient suction. With the red line hidden, you may now lift the load.
  • Check the plunger whilst carrying, if the red line appears, rest the load and pump the plunger until the red line is once more hidden. Then resume the carry.
  • Having completed the lift, you can release suction by pressing the Valve Release Lever, opposite the plunger on the handle.

Please note that the surface should be clean and dry to maintain high slip resistance and rubber pad replaced every 2 years, or sooner if it becomes damaged.

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