Reinforced Flat Door Panel

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  • HUR-1691-1001
  • FLA3153_750X750-20
  • Parcel M
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Flat Reinforced PVC-u Door Panel (Choice of size and thickness) Strong MDF inner for... more
Product information "Reinforced Flat Door Panel"

Flat Reinforced PVC-u Door Panel

(Choice of size and thickness)

Strong MDF inner for increased security

Tough flat panel with MDF reinforcement inside a Polystyrene infill sandwiched between UV stable PVC-u sheets. White with attractive smooth finish, these half panels are easy to cut and fit.

Commonly used to replace damaged panels in PVC-u and aluminium doors or conservatory frames and to blank off unwanted glazed panels. A non-reinforced version of this panels available if increased security is not essential.

Features & Benefits

  • Stronger and more secure with MDF reinforcement
  • Standard white matches most profiles
  • Colourfast and UV stable
  • High impact and chemical resistance
  • Manufactured to industry standards
  • Fire-resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Weatherproof and rot resistant
  • Totally recyclable and non-toxic

Manufactured in accordance with BS 476 Part 7 - Spread of Flame Class 1 and BS 4735, with self-extinguishing fire retardant materials and fulfils Part L Building Regulations.

Technical Information

Panel Sizes (w x h) 750mm x 750mm*
1500mm x 750mm*
2150mm x 750mm*
Panel Thickness 20mm, 24mm or 28mm*
Outer Skin 1.5mm PVC-u sheet
Infill Material Polystyrene and 4mm MDF board
Colour White 626
Standards Compliance Part L Building Regulations, BS 476 Part 7 - Spread of Flame Class 1, BS 4735.

* Allow cutting and manufacturing tolerances of ±5mm (width and height), and ±2mm (thickness).

Fitting PVC-u Door Panels

Fitting the panels is fairly straight forward but we offer 5 useful pointers to bear in mind.

  1. Leave protective film in place to prevent scratches during handling. Be sure to peal off before fitting, or peel back from the edges, so that it does not get trapped by the beads.
  2. A decorators paint scraper or similar tool can be used to remove any beads. When removing, it is easier to start with the longer ones. When replacing beads, the longer ones should be done last. As you remove beads, mark the back of them to identify where they came from (ie. top, right, bottom, left) as they should be put back in the same position.
  3. When measuring and cutting to size, remember the phrase 'measure twice - cut once'. Be sure the measurement is correct as a cut can't be undone.
  4. Fine toothed handsaw or jigsaw blade is most suitable for cutting the panels.
  5. Soft headed hammers can be used to encourage reluctant beads to go back in when they are fitted nice and tight. Remember that cold temperature can make PVC-u brittle.
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Customer review for "Reinforced Flat Door Panel"
7 Jan 2024

Good problem solver

Bought to replace panel that had a cat flap inside.

Fast delivery, packed well, one bonk to a corner but I had to cut to size anyway so no matter.

The plastic panel isn’t adhered to the polystyrene as well as the old panel, and it isn’t as thick. This means that when adjusting the panel I wasn’t able to remove it to make a final adjustment as the plastic panel started to peel off, caught against a shim.

Installed all fine, slightly different white to old panel but that can’t be helped. Pleased especially with regards to speed and cost, would have liked the plastic to be adhered better and little thicker.

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