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Soudal PU Expanding Foam Combi-Box (Gap Filler Foam, Gun and Cleaner) Filler, applicator... more
Product information "Soudal Gap Filler Combi-Box"

Soudal PU Expanding Foam Combi-Box

(Gap Filler Foam, Gun and Cleaner)

Filler, applicator and cleaner, in one box!

Gap filling bundle with rapid curing polyurethane expanding foam, professional PU applicator gun, and foam gun cleaner; everything needed for quick and easy bonding and sealing.

Soudafoam Gap Filler PU polyurethane foam, which can be cut, sawn, sanded, painted or plastered over, is commonly used in the installation of windows and door frames, filling cavities, and sealing openings.

Features & Benefits

  • Everything needed to apply and clean
  • Environmentally friendly and rapid curing
  • Six canisters yield 18 litres of foam
  • Professional grade metal applicator gun
  • Aerosol cleaner for valves, nozzles and surfaces


  • Installing of window and door frames
  • Filling of cavities
  • Sealing of all openings in roof constructions
  • Apply of an acoustic baffle
  • Improving thermal isolation in cooling systems

What you get in the Soudal Expanding Foam Combi-Box

Soudal Gap Filler PU Expanding Foam

PU Foam (x 6)

Easy to use, rapid curing polyurethane expanding foam filler. Soudafoam Gap Filler gives primerless adhesion on most construction materials with high gap filling expansion.

Soudal; Red Professional PU Expanding Foam Gun Applicator

Applicator Gun

Professional heavy-duty applicator for use with gun grade PU expanding foam canisters. Easy to use with great precision and flow control, means neater and more efficient work.

Soudal PU Expanding Foam and Gun Cleaner

Foam Gun Cleaner

Ready-to-use solvent-based aerosol for dissolving uncured spilled PU foam, and cleaning foam guns after use. Use immediately after gun use to easily unclogs valves and nozzles.

Technical Information

Soudal Gap Filler

Volume 750ml per can (4.5L total)
Yield 3.1L per can (18L total)
Colour Champagne
Shelf Life 24 months unopened and stored in dry and cool conditions (5° to 25°C). Upright storage is recommended.
Base Polyurethane
Consistency Stable foam, thixotropic
Curing system Moisture curing
Skin Formation (FEICA TM 1014) 7 min
Cutting Time (FEICA TM 1005) 25 min
Free foamed density (FEICA TM 1019) Ca. 30Kg/m³
Sound insulation (EN ISO 717-1) 58 dB
Box Yield (FEICA TM 1003) 750 ml yields ca. 37L of foam
Shrinkage after curing (FEICA TM 1004) < 3%
Expansion after curing (FEICA TM 1004) < 1%
Percentage closed cells (ISO4590) Ca. 21%
Reaction to fire classification (EN 13501-1) No fire classification (F)
Compressive strength (FEICA TM 1011) Ca. 36kPa
Tensile Strength (FEICA TM 1018) Ca. 101kPa
Elongation at Fmax (FEICA TM 1018) Ca. 12.2%
Temperature resistance -40°C to +90°C (cured)
Adhesion Compatibility Good adhesion on all surfaces, except PE, PP and PTFE
UV Resistant No

Soudal Foam Gun Cleaner

Volume 500ml
Base Acetone
Consistency Aerosol
Shelf Life 24 months unopened and stored in dry and cool conditions (5° to 25°C)

Get the Most from your Combi-Box

Using Gap Filler and Gun

Shake the aerosol can for at least 20 seconds. Fit the gun on the adapter. Surface should be free from grease and dust. Moisten surfaces with a water sprayer prior to application. For non-conventional substrates, a preliminary adhesion test is recommended. Fill holes and cavities for 65 %, as the foam will expand. Repeat shaking regularly during application. If you have to work in layers repeat moistening after each layer.

Using Foam Gun Cleaner

Clean foam guns and nozzles internally by screwing the can onto the gun and pulling the trigger, repeat several times, with 10-15 seconds interval between each. The gun can be cleaned externally using the short spray nozzle supplied, as can and uncured spillages. Cured foam must be removed mechanically.

Remember that cleaning of guns and surfaces should be done immediately prior to foam curing, and surface tests are recommended prior to use, as some surfaces, such as plastics and lacquer, or paint layers, can be sensitive.

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