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Yale SlotVent Trickle Vent Window Ventilator (Choice of vent size and colour) Quieter and... more
Product information "Yale SlotVent Trickle Vent"

Yale SlotVent Trickle Vent Window Ventilator

(Choice of vent size and colour)

Quieter and less draughty ventilation!

Slim and adjustable two-part trickle vent offering improved air quality and flow through a property. These vents are offered with 2500mm2 and 4000mm2 equivalent area to suit your needs, and are suitable for new installations, or retro-fitting. Designed and developed in the UK by Yale, one of the world's most trusted brands.

Fitting our SlotVent trickle vents will increase airflow, which will reduce likelihood of mould and condensation, reduce water vapour and odour in the air, and do so whilst keeping noise to a minimum.

Features & Benefits

  • Variable ventilation - adjustable interior vent
  • Reduces noise and draughts - integrated foam gasket
  • Hard-wearing - strong weather, UV, colour fade resistance
  • Prevents water ingress - overhanging exterior hood
  • Stops flies and bugs - features built-in fly screen
  • Improves air quality - Document F compliant
  • Easy-fit locking clips - just clips over frame or sash slot
  • Long-lasting - 10 year guarantee

Why is ventilation important? Document F of the Building Regulations outlines the requirement for adequate ventilation inside homes and other buildings, to prevent damaging excess condensation, and maintain good levels of air quality. Trickle vents are a quick and easy method of providing the necessary ventilation.

What you get

Exterior Hood

Yale SlotVent Exterior Hood

Weather-proof vent mounted to the outside of frame or sash, with a slotted grill to prevents ingress of rainwater, debris and bugs.

Interior Vent

Yale SlotVent Interior Vent

Sleek interior vent for inside of window, with noise and draught reducing foam gasket, hinged fixing, and recognisable Yale brand.

Both the Exterior Hood and Interior Vent are fitted with easy-fit clips, which are made from sturdy ABS material, and supplied white on white vents, and black on all other colours. Whilst the Interior Vent and Exterior Hood are made from ASA Resin, to provide exceptional resistance to weather and UV damage, and longer lasting colour.

Technical Information

Measurement Value
Material ABA Resin (Interior Vent and Exterior Hood) and ABS plastic (Fixing Clips)
Colour Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
Black (RAL 9005)
Black Brown (RAL 8022)*
White (RAL 9003)
Equivalent Area (Airflow) 2500mm2 or 4000mm2

As a general rule, habitable rooms, in multiple floor properties, should have background ventilation EA of at least 10,000mm2, with bathrooms and kitchens having 5,000mm2. There are various scenarios that can alter the required EA, so we advise seeking advice.
4000EA Vent Size Exterior Hood = 379mm x 21mm x 30mm**
Interior Vent = 386mm x 21mm x 7mm**
Cutout (x2) = 166mm x 13mm (11mm between)
Fixing Centres (x3) = 177mm
2500EA Vent Size Exterior Hood = 245mm x 21mm x 30mm**
Interior Vent = 252mm x 21mm x 7mm**
Cutout = 209mm x 13mm
Fixing Centres = 220mm
Screws (optional) Countersunk 25 x 4.3mm, or 25 x 3.8mm gimlet point screws.
Compatibility Can be surface mounted to frame or sash of PVCu, aluminium, or timber windows and doors.
Certification EN13141-1:2009 - Ventilation for buildings - Performance testing of components/products for residential ventilation. Part 1: Externally and internally mounted air transfer devices
2500EA: EpA @ 1PA = 2627
4000EA: EpA @ 1Pa = 4206
BS EN ISO 10140-2 Acoustics. Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements - Measurement of airborne sound insulation
BS EN ISO 10140 -1 Acoustics Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements - Application rules for specific products
Meets Equivalent Air Flow requirements of Document F 2021
Guarantee 10 year mechanical, and 12 month surface guarantee.

* For use on Rosewood and Mahogany windows.    ** Size given as length x height x depth, excluding clips.

Fitting & Usage

  1. Prepare the sash or frame by cutting out the internal and external slots (see routing detail).
  2. Push the interior flap against the internal slot, and feel its clips grip.
  3. Push the exterior hood against the external slot, and feel its clips grip.
  4. To better combat water ingress, a fine bead of silicone can be applied where the top of the exterior hood touches the frame or sash.

Note: You can also further secure the interior and exterior parts using screws. To do so, just fold down the flap and hood, to reveal the screw ports, then secure with countersunk 25 x 4.3mm, or 25 x 3.8mm gimlet point screws. Finish by folding the hood and flap, back into position.


The SlotVent requires very little maintenance, a simple wipe with a damp cloth every 6 months, and a light brushing of the external hood will keep it working well.

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